Friday, December 18, 2009

Mosquito bite solutions


Hello, hello!!

We live in a place with plants everywhere so it is expected that we experience mozzie bites every now and then. Mosquitoes invade the place almost at all times, but 5pm is the worst time of all. I have this feeling that they all, as in all, want to go out and play in our place. It would last for like two hours or so, so I always hide my little Migo from 5pm onwards. But mosquitoes have their way of sneeking in to our humble pad so it's not a safe place to hide either.

I am one momma scared of mosquito bites. Who won't be? Scarring the skin of my little one is not a problem I consider. What I am so scared of is the dengue. That's dengue we are talking about, dahlings, and who want that for their babies? Paranoid as I am, I almost bought all mosquito repellent products I could find.

First thing I bought is Indigo Manila's Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me. I love the scent!! Citronella is the active ingredient of this milky lotion spray, and I would imagine me having a spa whenever I apply this to little Migo. Yep, it smelled like a spa aroma because of the citronella.

Second I tried is the Miason's Room and Linen Spray in Citronella scent. I bought this to intensify Indigo Manila's SFDBM. I would spray this to my baby's linen and crib beddings. Again, the spa aroma filled the air.

Third I bought is Downy Antibac fabric conditioner. I saw in their advertisement that it sort of repels mosquito for an amazingly significant amount. I asked our laundry lady to put this to Migo's clothings. It made his clothes nice smelling too.

Fourth product is Giga's Baby Mosquito Repellent. So far, among all the products I bought, this one is my fave. I walked past it when I was looking for a new moquito repellent product to try but something invited me to buy it. I was really hesitant at first for I found the scent too strong. Surprisingly, upon applying it, the scent transformed into something really mild and fresh smelling. Again, spa aroma filled the air due to the citronella scent. It's economical too for I can use it directly to his skin and skip his beddings and his clothings. I loved it in an instant that I bought again 1 bottle to give to Migo's cousin as a Christmas present.

For several weeks now, due to these products, I am having less and less problems with mozzie bites. They would still bother us all the time, but atleast I am confident my little one is guarded.

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