Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bravo to our OFW's

I see this as a tribute to our OFW's who never fail to exert all their best so to serve their foreign employers as perfectly as possible in exchange of an income that our own land cannot provide them neither in equal nor greater value. I salute all OFW's who sacrifice thier own family so they can provide for them.  This article from the Arab newspaper must really be for them and their families.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sisig Date

Few years ago, husband and I never missed on weekend dates.  Visiting the newest restaurant in the metro was a regular thing on a Friday night, and if our budget allowed, that extended for a movie date the next day.  We started doing that when we already had our own moolah to burn--that was when we finished school and started earning our own money, until we got married.  It made a half-stop when our Little Man arrived.  That adorable little creature turned our weekends  from bar hopping to baby stuff shopping, from movie date to carousel rides, from romantic dinner date to Jollibee and McDonald's. But take note that I said "half-stop", for my husband and I never really said goodbye to dating each other.  Only now, it is different.  We still have our coupletime, but with a twist.  It's kinda exciting and fun, if you ask me. It's quite a new experience for us, and we are enjoying it.  Mababaw ways of enjoying each other's company, but still!! It's just giving our weekend dates (and sometimes week day dates) a facelift.

Just like tonight, we agreed to have our sisig date somewhere just very near our home--our outdoor kitchen!  We bought ready-to-cook sisig and some bottles of beer, pumped up the volume of the music in the background, and there!  It is like we were already in a bar somewhere, only we are in the comforts of our pyjamas. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Easy and Calm Sleep

I have been having hit and miss solutions with Little Man's sleeping schedule, and so I engaged myself into some trial and error procedures to arrive on ways on how to make him sleep faster and easier.  The experiment meant changing old activities and patterns prior his bedtime so the first week was admittedly not easy.  It was hard to change patterns especially since Migo was already faithful to the old one, which by the way I miss so much (yep, I miss the old pattern because that old one had a touch of cuteness on it).  But later on, it became smooth and fine until we found ourselves having no problems at all. 

Did I mention that the last bedtime pattern we had was cute?  Let me tell you why. One of the last things he would do before he hits the bed is to dance to this Toy Story 2 song.  Even if I find the dance so adorable, this too was ejected from the new list of activities before bedtime since dancing is not a good choice to end my toddler's day.  And yes, I miss watching him do his thing.

Now, these are my new successful ways on how to calmly put my Little Man to sleep:

Play Hard
Migo is certified galawgaw. He keeps moving, dancing, playing, and all that. He always moves around and really plays hard. He pretty much has a lot of activities during the day and that works on my advantage since moving a lot is his form of exercise that keeps his mind and body healthy. Also, it makes him sleep better at night. I just make sure that he stops playing or being active before dinner time so to relax his body. That is also the reason why dancing to that Toy Story song before sleeping is not qualified to be on our new bedtime activities.

Shortened Naps
My Little Man needs to recharge himself so a nap for one hour (three hours the most) is necessary to keep him going.  He should not take a nap longer than that because that means struggle to sleep later in the evening. Also, I do not allow him to take naps late in the afternoon for obvious reasons.

His dinner is at around 6pm because I do not want him to sleep on a stuffed tummy. He will ask for milk in the middle of the night anyways so I feel it's okay to give him early dinner. And besides, it makes sense that since I am establishing an early bedtime here, dinner must also be served earlier.

Shower Time
The one who takes care of my son gives him a warm bath, or swimming as Migo would call it, at around 7pm and they do that the same time everyday. This also serves as a sign that his playtime is up.

Night Routine
Our activities several minutes after dinner time all lead to the bedroom. Brushing his teeth, washing his bum, a new diaper and set of bedtime wear all tell that he is going to bed any minute from then.

TV is not allowed at night time since whatever he watches stimulates his  mind and makes it harder for him to go to sleep.  I am also not allowing him to watch scary and violent scenes for it cause nightmares and sleep interruptions.

The Bed
I make sure that his bed is conducive to sleeping. Even us adults do not want to sleep on a cluttered bed, right? His sleeping buddy, Mickey Mouse, must be there already waiting for him. I also make it a point to have his covers changed every so often.

Dark Room
He loves to sleep in a dark room and with the electric fan running so that is granted to him.  No problem with me since I also cannot sleep on a bright room.

The Goodnight Prayer
And the very last thing that we do is say our good night prayer.  We both pray "Angel of God", and he ends it up with "Goodnight Jesus, goodnight Sto. Nino, goodnight Mama Mary...I love you!"  Then he says his I love yous to us, closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

I hope this new list of activities before bedtime helps mommies out there who are having some difficulties putting their sweethearts to sleep early.  Good luck, and hope it goes well!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rain and Crayons

What's up with the weather today?  I woke up at 9am today, a bit late if you ask me, and I thought it was just like 5 or 6 so I believed I still had a long snooze to go.  Heck, the gray sky fooled me! Due to the gray sky, I thought madaling araw pa lang!! It did not occur to me at once that the sky would be gray the entire day due to the rain.  The sun was having some moods because it just did not want to show her rays. Gloomy days meant Little Man's confinement to the four corners of our tiny pad... how sad could that be?  Poor Little man, no running in the garden for him today.

So to not give him a boring day despite the rain, I thought of an activity that we both could enjoy together-- indoors.  I thought of watching educational videos from YouTube, but refused at once since I am afraid he would demand for more videos and we might end up watching until the afternoon, in which I am trying to avoid.  No-TV policy also means no watching of videos from the laptop, so bye YouTube.  I grabbed a book instead and we did some story telling.  He got excited with it, but the fun ended after four to five stories.  So the last thing I had in mind was crayons. I am a huge fan of everything colorful and so crayons would be something the two of us would happily share together for an activity.  And I was right!! Little Man loved his crayons and we both had fun scribbling, drawing, and making fun of our weird creations!  The crayon activity was a nice way to fight a boring, gloomy, and wet day!

 The best partner with crayons are the papers that we do not have use for anymore, aka scratch papers.  I have tons of it in the bodega,  thus it became useful again.

For awhile, my Little Man did not want to share his crayons.  He held it so tightly that I had no choice but to just watch him do his thing.  I begged and begged until his heart softened.

My Little Man doing his thing.  His face read: Please, do not disturb!

Here's the story behind this picture:
Little Man: Mommy, write write Mickey please? (translation: mommy, please draw Mickey.)
Me: *I drew Mickey* Here's your Mickey!!
Little Man: Mickey 'to mommy?
Me: Yes, that's Mickey!
Little Man: *checked my drawing again* ANG PANGIT!!
And so now I believe that a child really does not tell a lie :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bench on Mars

Bench on Mars.  Who does not get the drift?  It's definitely a give away, that this Fil-Puerto Rican named Peter Gene Hernandez is the newest endorser of the biggest local retail of RTW (and more) in the Philippines.  Bench has been making a wise and lucrative move in carefully selecting their endorsers.  Their latest bold move is to get Bruno Mars, who is not just popular in the music scene today, he is also a Filipino!  Billboards in the metro do not show entirely of who the endorser is, but using common sense and some hints (hat, piano, sunglasses), one cannot fail to see that this is Bruno Mars!

TOY STORY 3 - My little man's current favorite film