Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rain and Crayons

What's up with the weather today?  I woke up at 9am today, a bit late if you ask me, and I thought it was just like 5 or 6 so I believed I still had a long snooze to go.  Heck, the gray sky fooled me! Due to the gray sky, I thought madaling araw pa lang!! It did not occur to me at once that the sky would be gray the entire day due to the rain.  The sun was having some moods because it just did not want to show her rays. Gloomy days meant Little Man's confinement to the four corners of our tiny pad... how sad could that be?  Poor Little man, no running in the garden for him today.

So to not give him a boring day despite the rain, I thought of an activity that we both could enjoy together-- indoors.  I thought of watching educational videos from YouTube, but refused at once since I am afraid he would demand for more videos and we might end up watching until the afternoon, in which I am trying to avoid.  No-TV policy also means no watching of videos from the laptop, so bye YouTube.  I grabbed a book instead and we did some story telling.  He got excited with it, but the fun ended after four to five stories.  So the last thing I had in mind was crayons. I am a huge fan of everything colorful and so crayons would be something the two of us would happily share together for an activity.  And I was right!! Little Man loved his crayons and we both had fun scribbling, drawing, and making fun of our weird creations!  The crayon activity was a nice way to fight a boring, gloomy, and wet day!

 The best partner with crayons are the papers that we do not have use for anymore, aka scratch papers.  I have tons of it in the bodega,  thus it became useful again.

For awhile, my Little Man did not want to share his crayons.  He held it so tightly that I had no choice but to just watch him do his thing.  I begged and begged until his heart softened.

My Little Man doing his thing.  His face read: Please, do not disturb!

Here's the story behind this picture:
Little Man: Mommy, write write Mickey please? (translation: mommy, please draw Mickey.)
Me: *I drew Mickey* Here's your Mickey!!
Little Man: Mickey 'to mommy?
Me: Yes, that's Mickey!
Little Man: *checked my drawing again* ANG PANGIT!!
And so now I believe that a child really does not tell a lie :)

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