Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sisig Date

Few years ago, husband and I never missed on weekend dates.  Visiting the newest restaurant in the metro was a regular thing on a Friday night, and if our budget allowed, that extended for a movie date the next day.  We started doing that when we already had our own moolah to burn--that was when we finished school and started earning our own money, until we got married.  It made a half-stop when our Little Man arrived.  That adorable little creature turned our weekends  from bar hopping to baby stuff shopping, from movie date to carousel rides, from romantic dinner date to Jollibee and McDonald's. But take note that I said "half-stop", for my husband and I never really said goodbye to dating each other.  Only now, it is different.  We still have our coupletime, but with a twist.  It's kinda exciting and fun, if you ask me. It's quite a new experience for us, and we are enjoying it.  Mababaw ways of enjoying each other's company, but still!! It's just giving our weekend dates (and sometimes week day dates) a facelift.

Just like tonight, we agreed to have our sisig date somewhere just very near our home--our outdoor kitchen!  We bought ready-to-cook sisig and some bottles of beer, pumped up the volume of the music in the background, and there!  It is like we were already in a bar somewhere, only we are in the comforts of our pyjamas. 

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