Saturday, June 26, 2010



Good friday afternoon!!

Honey's day off today and that means malling, malling, malling!! Hubby never gets tired of bringing us to the mall during his rest day. We frequent three to four malls in the metro and we visit them alternately. Stepping inside a totally different mood away from the office chaos and tiring household chores is always something to look forward to even if it happens on a regular basis. Going to the mall is one of our cheap thrills that we will never give up until we get our first strand of gray hair.

Aside from checking out what's new, we are always excited on where to eat. Us being clueless on what's for lunch makes the restaurant hunt more exciting. Well, it's really not a hunt afterall, for we have already tried almost every resto in the malls. But the can't-decide-on-where-to-eat factor boosts the anticipation and the hunger even more.

Today our feet led us to Flavors of China. We are not new diners here, in fact we also visit their other branches. What makes us make a U-turn everytime we pass there is their big serving. One rice topping meal is good for sharing, that is if after you discovered how delish is the meal, you still want to share it.

This was served while we were waiting for our meal to arrive. It was not that hot, though it's uber crunchiness told me that it was freshly out from a steaming pan. Better request for a vinegar, for this cracker will never be complete without the tangy taste of that dip.

Braised beef brisket, as usual, for hubby. Soft and tasty beef chunks and almost overflowing brisket sauce with tender carrots and a hint of star anise on top of generous serving of rice, wow, that really is for my honey.

I ordered fish fillet rice topping in tausi sauce. I ordered this meal because I had to share it with the little man. And since I know already how delicious and healthy this meal is, I was quite sure the little man will enjoy it. And I was right. The soft fish meat paired with tausi sauce made the mommy and the baby happy.


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