Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day at Little Asia


GlamMom's status on Facebook today: Not all men who have children are worthy to be called a father. To all the men (and yes, women) who know how to be one, doing their best to be one, fighting over life to be one, happy father's day!!


Today we did not have anything extraordinary. I greeted honey a happy father's day at 1AM when we were about to go to sleep. We heard mass at eleven in the morning and headed to Little Asia in T.Morato after. That simple.

Shall I still stress out that we are fans of Little Asia? Over the years, their dishes, or should I say our favorite dishes, never fail to impress us again and again. And today, just like before, we ordered our never-fails-faves.

This rice is a complete meal in itself. Packed with asado pork, shrimp, green peas, carrots and eggs, this rice can satisfy hungry stomachs of two to three persons. But with my ever growing appetite that's now taking a toll on my waistline, I believe I can finish one, with or without viand.

Pancit canton in layman's term. Only way, way better. This dish was for our little man since he adores noodles, but it was so tempting that honey and I had to also dig in. Bits and pieces of pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, squid and veggies complete this meal. And yes, the little man enjoyed this dish and was very happy with it.

Spareribs tossed in salt, pepper and a whole lot of spices, deep fried to perfection coming up with one delightful dish. It never fails to silent our grumbling tummy. One thing I do not like though is it's being oily. I needed some tea to atleast not feel guilty with all that oil I put in my system.

The first time we ordered this, we were not that impressed, but we gave it another shot this time. And yes, we were wrong. The beef was so tender, that it felt like it's melting it's way to my tongue. And the korean beef broth---perfect!! The broth was so tasty and yummy that there was a point I was not minding the beef at all. I can live even with just the broth, I swear!

He was happy, obviously!!

As if he can read!!

Happy father's day, dada!!

Of course this will not be complete without the family pic ;)


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