Monday, July 19, 2010

And the winning pair is...


My honey and I went home early today. He needed to pack his things for a four day work related stay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. He was doing it with ease, perfectly matching what polo shirt goes with what pants, until he got to the shoes part. Having so many pairs to choose from, and almost every pair matches the clothes he picked, he then had a hard time deciding which would be the best pair to bring along. We did the elimination process, until we were down to three pairs.

First pair he picked was his Osiris shoes. This pair is called the Osiris Branson that he bought from a friend who travelled in some foreign land (the exact country skipped me at the moment). Since he purchased this pair, he's been praising it so much. It's a slip-on loafer type in color black. According to him, the sole is so soft that he never had a hard time walking with it even if walking usually dreads him. The style could be for casual or for corporate look, so there are times he uses it for malling, and times for corporate meetings. Either way, it matches whatever outfit he is wearing.

Second on the list- Timberland shoes. This one is in color tan, styled like a slim running shoes with shoe laces to secure it. This one, according to him, also has soft soles and could make his walking from one office branch to another with ease.

Third pair we had was his Traffic shoes. This pair is in black, and like Timberland, it has shoe laces to secure it. Traffic has been known to give comfort to the feet, and my honey is one satisfied buyer of Traffic shoes. This particular pair also has some red details making it's looks modern, young and hip.

So which, oh which among his Osiris shoes, Timberland shoes, Traffic shoes emerged to be the winner?

None. There was no winner. None emerged as the lucky pair to visit the islands of Palawan. Because he packed the three pairs! Since he will be staying there for four days--three days work, one day for "happy hour", why not wear a different pair for everyday? Osiris shoes for Tuesday, Timberland for Wednesday, Traffic for Thursday, and well, maybe just his Crocs flip flops on Friday the rest day.

Now, I do envy those shoes. They will be kissing the lands of Palawan while I do my regular thing here in Manila. One day soon, I will be there too!! Watch out! ;)


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