Monday, October 11, 2010

Personalized Fragrance Christmas Gift


Christmas is fast approaching and it's time for gift-giving again.  One of the nice things about the holidays is the search for the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones and dear friends.  However, due to budget and time constraints, plus the terrible traffic in almost all the roads during the holidays, finding a gift that will put a smile on their faces comes close to failure.  Isn't it hurting to know that they fake their reaction once they open the gift by pasting a wide smile on their faces, as if they are the happiest person on earth to receive such a present.  In fact, what's inside their screaming mind might be:   "what the heck is this?"  or  "who shall i pass this on?"  or "okay, another scented candle to feed the trash bin." 

I maybe blunt.  But that's true.  Admit it, it happened to you not just once, but A LOT of times in your supposedly happiest time of the year.

I know, you want to throw me hundreds of not-so-good reactions that I am certain will take a form of this well-loved cliche--it's the thought that counts.

But it will also be nice to give something they will appreciate and love, right?  Something that will give you peace of mind and not deprive you of sleep thinking for weeks if they will throw your gifts or, give it to someone else, or... yeah, they will simply keep it (because it has no use!) or not keep it (if it has no use, why keep it? simplify life and trash it!)

Stop it right there, Irene.  You are being that person again-- blunt and straightforward.  But don't we just have to be like this sometimes? 

Okay, I will be soft and gentle.  Here it goes... I simply want to say...

Scents Symphony is offering again  Personalized Fragrance Gift in time for Christmas.  This was first introduced last year, which was a major, major (major, major!) success.  It was so overwhelming that we had to stop accepting orders because we could not accommodate them all.  This year, as it makes it comeback, we are also accepting wrapping services in case you, our buyers, have a limited time to do it.  We have prepared special wrappers for these gifts that are uniform to the different labels we have this year.  Isn't that unique, hip, chic and pretty?  So please, if you beautiful people out there are interested, please let me know ahead of time to avoid delay of delivery.

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