Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy November 16, honey!!


November 16 has always been so special to me and my husband simply because---it's our anniversary!!  Today, we are celebrating our seventeenth year of being committed to each other, and our fifth year as a wedded couple.  This year, as my pasabog, I made a special video composed of our wedding photos which had stories to tell behind it.   It took me just three days to finish this thing.  I did it last month, October 13 to be exact and finished on October 16--a month before the big day.  I wanted to surprise him by posting it on my FB account on the day of our anniversary, and of course, tagging him.  But for whatever reason, on the night of October 16 and exactly one month before the big day, he opened the laptop I was using (the laptop that he never touched for months and I almost own) and found my secret.  Needless to say, he found my hardwork, watched it up to the credits, went to bed (I was already sleeping by that time), shook me a little (to wake me up), and gave the most nakakainis smile.  My eyes were half-open and it almost popped out when I saw the beaming laptop.  All he said was:  Thank you, hon.  I love you, too.


  1. wow, 17 years of being together! That's a long time. Congratulations.

  2. aww.. magkasunod tayo.. november 17 naman anniv namin.. pero BF ko pa lang sya.. ;') aww.. kudos to you and your hubby ;) more years to come :)


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