Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sun, splash and sand with little man


Boracay!  Yes, my little man experienced Boracay already, and I am so proud of him.  Barely two years old, he already experienced the sun, the splash and the white sand of Boracay.

Prior to this, I was worried on Migo's reaction to his first airplane ride.  I prepared my "resbak" just in case he gets cranky inside the plane.  I uploaded the Ipod Touch kuya Eric gave Elmer and I last Christmas (a huge thank you, kuya Eric!) with videos that would make him settle--Mickey Mouse singing the Clubhouse theme, trailers of Despicable Me (his favorite film this time), Eensy weensy spider nursery rhyme video, and Spongebob Squarepants  video.  I also loaded my bag with his favorite bread, some candies, and I also prepared milk.  These things would perfectly pacify my Migo.  Though it was his first time, he did not misbehave and that was quite unexpected.  He was not malikot, he did not cry, and he was good all throughout the ride.  As a matter of fact, he even fell asleep halfway through the ride.

Boat transfer goimg Boracay was a different story.  It was sooooo hard for Elmer and I especially with three traveling bags in tow, plus a little man attached on my hip.  I had no choice but to allow the manongs to carry Migo to the boat.  Me carrying him from the shore to the boat was impossible, so I really had no choice but to resort to the manongs.

Elmer's cousin, pretty Annie, arranged everything from transfers to accomodations.  Must be a not-so-easy task to arrange and be responsible for almost 60 pax, but since it's Annie's forte, she did it with ease.  Everything she arranged went perfect. We stayed in Paradise Garden found in Boracay's station 3.  The place was decent enough and big for all of us Kimpos who were there. The staff was polite and friendly, always greeting us and giving us their beautiful smiles.  Just eight minutes going to the beach, this place is cool enough to stay in.

The three of us went out for a walk past twelve noon and the first thing we searched for-- food.  When we were in Boracay last 2005, we were hooked with this humble resto that served cheap yet really delicious food.  I am talking about Smoke. We desperately searched for it (we already forgot where it was located), and luckily after almost an hour of looking, we found it.  The diners there were mostly tourists, and if I remember it right, there were only two tables occupied by Pinoys. I ordered spicy chicken, my usual favorite.  The food, after all these years, YUM!!

After the food trip, we went to the water for it was already time for my little man to have fun with Boracay sands and waters.  He enjoyed it so much!  He enjoyed Boracay for two days!  What a lucky little fellow!


  1. Now you made me wish I have more vacation days to go to boracay myself!

  2. Looks like he had a lotta fun on the beach! I have yet to see Boracay haha If we ever go it will be a first for me and my baby both :)

    Visiting from GT!


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