Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't throw that used coffee ground!

Coffee, how can I ever live without you?  My mom knows this, and so is my husband:  I can last a day without talking to them, but I cannot make it without having at least two cups of coffee in a day.  I just cannot.  I tried my very best to avoid it but my mind and body always crave for it.  Either I cannot concentrate on my work, I get cranky, or I get a headache.  Coffee just works wonders on me.  Just the smell of it brewing in the coffee maker makes me up and about.  There is something about coffee that makes my day. And in the wee hours while I finish some online work and husband's snore in the background makes me feel so "alone", I just grab a cup of hot coffee and I instantly feel otherwise.  It's like coffee is there to assure me that she is my companion until I finish my project or until my eyes pop out, whichever comes first.  Coffee never fails to make me feel better.  If coffee is a person, then she would be one of my bestie.

My coffee is always brewed.  I guess majority of you will concur with me if I say brewed coffee tastes and satisfies better than the instant coffee found in the grocery.  I only have the instant if I run out of coffee grounds, which I sourced from as far as the highlands of Benguet.  The only downside of brewed coffee is its contribution to my garbage.  I had a use for it, actually.  They say it helps in reducing cellulites by rubbing it on the thigh, so I did that twice a day in the shower for like two weeks.  But since I have been really busy lately, I do not have the luxury of time to do it anymore.  But they say it works, so I might go back to that rubbing routine.

It is only recently that I learned of other uses of used coffee grounds.  And I must say that they are actually effective because I tried some of them already.  So, are you brewing your coffee?  You might want to not throw away that used coffee ground yet.  Keep them in a jar for a while and find a use for them.

In the garden:
-Add coffee grounds to your garden soil.  It is proven effective in repelling snails and some stubborn insects. Also, it has nutrients good for plants so it is also effective as a fertilizer.
-Put some coffee grounds in your part of the garden where ants thrive.  Used grounds is also effective as an ant repellent.

In the house:
-Who wants stinky fridge? Good news! Coffee grounds can be used as a fridge deodorizer.  Coffee has a component that absorbs odor from the refrigerator, thus bye-bye to that unwanted fridge smell!
-Rainy days invite ants inside the house.  Again, you may use coffee grounds to repel ants.  Place them on spots where ants are likely to enter.
-Wet coffee grounds may banish furniture scratches.
-Add it in your dishwashing liquid soap. The grounds help in removing stubborn dirt off your plates and glasses, as well as the ones under your pans.
-Dry your used coffee grounds, place them in a small thin cloth sachet, and hang inside the closet, shoe cabinet, or drawers so to get rid of unwanted odors. You might want to add few drops of vanilla extract to add some scent.  

For health, beauty, and vanity:
-You are done with peeling that garlic and now your hands smell like eeew.  Rub some coffee grounds and the pungent odor will instantly fade away.  You wash it with soap afterwards.
-Who does not want shiny hair? Rub coffee grounds through wet hair and rinse.  The oil found in coffee helps in making the hair shine. 
-It helps in making the cellulite less visible, so you might also want to try this one. In the shower, wet your problem areas and massage used coffee grounds unto it for around five minutes.  Rinse after and proceed to your usual bath routine.
-Cellulite tip no.2 - put a few drops of olive oil in your used coffee grounds (just enought to make it slide to your thighs).  Rub this mixture unto your thighs and after some good five minutes of rubbing, get a cling wrap (be sure you have a a big one) and wrap your thighs with it. This will do for like ten to fifteen minutes.  The heat it generates, plus the caffeine content and the olive oil help reduce that bothersome cellulite.
-Add some in your facial cream and have an instant coffee facial scrub.
-Add some in your unscented massage oil.  The much deserved back massage after work and the coffee aroma relieves stress, relaxes the mind, and uplifts the senses.
-For those with smelly feet (and shoes), you might want to put dry coffee grounds in between your toes first before you wear your shoes.  Since coffee grounds is known to be an effective deodorizer, this might work on stinky feet as well.  If it does not work, wash your feet instead. Wash your feet with water and rub some coffee grounds after you have removed your shoes. This will somewhat help you in eliminating feet odor.

Remember, one of the ways to keep the environment green and healthy is to reuse and recyle.  This is reusing and recycling, my friends!! So let's do our share.  And let us start with our used coffee grounds.

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