Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I Came To Be

I was 16 years old then, freshly popped out from an all-girls exclusive high school. I first sighted him on my college enrollment day. He was really tall, cute and striking. My eyes were glued on him. I was wishing that we could be at least classmates or if not, at least building mate. I saw him again days after when I went to the university to get my class schedule. He was in the same building again and he was getting his schedule too. Again, I wished for the same thing. The third time I saw him, I knew my prayers were answered. First day of classes and he was hanging out in the same classroom I was in. When the professor came in and asked us to settle, he grabbed a seat and stayed. He was my classmate!

He was friendly and nice. It turned out we were living in the same city and he knows some of my high school classmates. He lived twenty minutes away from my place. We clicked and we had the same circle of classmate-friends. Second semester, he gave me a card and formally announced his intention to court me. I always had feelings for him, from the day I saw him. November 16,1993 I officially had my first boyfriend.

I was so lucky for he was such a gentleman. I never had a single heart ache with him. There were minor glitches but that was all it. We never had major fights. We never had major break ups. I was only praying then for him to be my classmate but I was given much much more. I knew he was the one for me--the one I would be building my dreams with, the one who would father my children, the one I would grow old with. I could never imagine myself being with someone else.

November 16, 2005-- after eleven long years, we finally tied the knot. We waited this long with no regrets. And since then my life had never been the same. For I officially became a wife of the most loving man in the world, and I am loving every minute of it.


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