Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Pregnancy

Hubby and I constantly enjoy each other's company. We have endless dates on weekends, heck, even on ordinary days. We both love hanging around in malls, feasting on some food we always crave for. No wonder that in our two years of being together as husband and wife, we both lost our waist lines. In some days if we have the luxury of time, we would go out of town. It maybe in Tagaytay, Subic, Baguio or Sagada, just to have a breath of new, fresh air. We are loving the life couplehood is giving us, till we decided it is just about time to bring this bliss to a higher level. We decided to have a baby, finally.

Several months of trying to conceive, I finally got the good news from this pregnancy test I bought from the neighborhood drugstore. Two pink lines. Definitely a positive result. Pregnancy embraced me, and I welcomed it with open arms as well. My first trimester is very challenging. There are times that I could not eat, and times that I would binge. There are scents that I do not want to smell, even the fragrances that I used to love. My husband is all supportive of all the changes that are happening to me, and I appreciate him all the more. Now I am on my second trimester and everything is going well. I am done with the morning sickness and all the "negative" side of pregnancy. This phase is much lighter and easy to take. I am more energetic and more focused to my office work, as if I am not pregnant at all. I love maternity fashion these days and I am fond of beautifying myself. I am also much heavier now because my appettite becomes friendly again. And most of all, I can now feel the baby's movement and know already his gender.

I still have one semester to go. They say this last trimester is as difficult as the first, but who knows? Maybe I will have a different take on it. Maybe not. Whatever the last trimester would bring me, I will still accept it with my warmest hug. For everyday of my pregnancy is different and everyhting I experience all throughout this ordeal is to be treasured. For I know I am going to be a mother soon, and that alone is a blessing.


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