Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pregnancy fashion

I am finding it hard to decide what to wear every single day. Since I am now 21 weeks heavy, I am more and more conscious of my protruding tummy. Most days I want to hide it, most days I want to flaunt it and announce to the world that I am carrying a baby. Good thing I am not having a love-hate relationship with my current wardrobe. When I learned that I am pregnant, picture of my mom wearing sailor-type tent dresses flashed through my mind. What a horrible phase for her, I believe! Good thing those days are gone for preggos like me have tons and tons of chic and stylish maternity styles to choose from without compromising comfort and bodily figure.

I gathered some pictures that can help preggy moms like me be inspired in choosing what clothes to wear. These are the clothes that I would personally wear too.

* i am liking the one in blue *

* this one looks chic and cool *

* the black for casual days, the white for dinner date with hubby,
the pink for everyday wear *


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