Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Small Ways To Earn Extra Money

Gone are the days when the pinay wife just stays at home to look after her husband and take care of her growing children. These hard times, every modern pinay wife is learning how to augment the income their hardworking husbands are entusting them. Some even went out of their way to look for a promising job with a nice high paying salary to boot, leaving behind her image that used to be called housewife.

But there are some wifeys out there who are lucky enough to not be obliged to work. But I know, as a modern pinay wife, they are also concern of the status of their savings. I know deep in their loving hearts, they still want to contribute financially to the family no matter how small it is. Or if the money is really not an issue, I know how liberating it is to earn your own moolah and not just depend on the extras from the monthly budget.

So here are some tips on how to make extra money so you too can either contribute to your hubby or just have it for your sake.

1. ONLINE EARNING - since every household now a days has a computer and internet connection, and since every stay-at-home wives has the habit of checking the net every now and then, why not earn from it? There are lots and lots of get-paid-to sites that are sprouting by the day. Mind you, a lot of it too are legal and paying. Just be patient enough to study each site you want to be a member of, check if it is a scam or not. Google the site if you please, and read some of the feedbacks. These get-paid-to sites will not earn you big bucks overnight, but still it helps. I personally am earning from one get-paid-to review site and get-paid-to post site and I am enjoying so far. The earnings are not yet to tht high to flaunt, but still, little by little they growing and by the time I need the money, I know there are just there in my paypal account.

2. ONLINE SELLING - have you been to go and check the site and you will instanty have an idea that you too can earn by selling stuff in the internet. Online shopping is the "in" thing now since buyers can shop even without leaving the house, thus, making a huge saving of gasoline for the car, parking fee, and valuable time. And since population of online shoppers are continuously growing, why not take advantage of it? And you do not even need a capital and have to sell brand new stuff, for you know what? Shoppers are even fond of buying second-hand stuff that they know by heart they need! So have you got some useful, nice, presentable junk to unload? Why not take photos of those, post it in ebay, and wait for bidders to come. There are other buy-and-sell sites to choose from aside from ebay. Just take time to search these sites and follow the procedures on how you can sell your items there.

3. RESELLING / SELLING - This may need a few bucks for capital, but it is the profit we are after for, right? So go ahead, sell. You may start in your neighborhood (since you cannot get your feet out of the house, right?). You can sell detergent and laundry needs, or diapers for babies, or load for cellphones. You can even sell processed meats like tocino, ham, sausage, etc. Anything you know your neighborhood needs, offer it to them.

4. OFFER YOUR SERVICES - This may or may not require you a capital. It depends on what service you want to offer. Are you good in english? Maybe you can offer English tutorials to your friends' children if their having a hard time with that subject. Or maybe math, science, etc. I know of someone who charges 100 per hour for a tutorial, and she has like three to four kiddos in a day, earning her 400 a day, 2000 a week, 8000 a month. Not at all bad. Or maybe you are a good cook? What's your specialty? You can offer to cook, say, two dishes for your friend who will be having a birthday party. That won't be bad for a start. It can go farther thru word of mouth. Just let others know that you were the one who cooked what, so they will have an idea. I once cooked my specialty, baked macaroni, for my folks' occassion and everybody loved it, the visitors kept asking who cooked it. I bragged about it and told them I can cook for them too if they like. They got my number and I got several orders.

These are just some of the so many ways to augment your family income. This may start as little but eventually it will grow into a bigger one. Just do not spend the money you earn yet, let it accumulate first so you can grow whatever small "business venture" you engaged in.


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