Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simple Ways We Keep Our Fire Burning

My husband has a very hectic schedule. Often times he would be out of the house so early in the morning to catch his morning meeting and goes home really late still with unfinished work, thus bringing his pending work in the house. I pity him sometimes but he's such a lover of his work that I feel I am the mistress and his job is his wife. But I appreciate the simple ways he makes up with me. A lot of times he is the one thinking on how we can spend our time together even if he has some work to do. And I love to reciprocate as well. The things that bond us together need not require huge amount of precious time. As the cliche goes, quality time is much better than quantity time. So what are the simple ways that bond us together and keep the fire alive? Here are some:

1. We wake up earlier than usual. If we have to be out of the bed at 6:00 am, we set the alarm at 5:20 am. The leeway time would be for cuddling and exchanging small talks. We will just be in bed, lazily enganging into hugs and embraces and others in between *wink*.

2. We make time to text or call each other in between work. Most of the time I am the one initiating this since my job is more flexible than his. So every lunch time, I never fail to text him and check on him, ask him what he would be having for lunch. Depending on his load of work, he replies and check on me in return. But I understand if he's too busy to do that since his work is unpredictable. But everytime he finds the time, he texts back, no matter how late it is to reply, or even call me through my landline phone. It's nice to hear from each other so to also break the monotonous of work.

3. We try our best to go home together and have dinner together. After work, I go straight to the mall where he could pick me up, even if it means I have to wait for like two hours for him to arrive. We do our best to go home together since our travel time is another opportunity for us to bond and check on whatever happened for the day. This is a best time since both of us are relaxed already and prepping up to end the day.

4. We always touch each other. Literally, that is. If he's reading the dailies, I will sit next to him and read my book or surf through the laptop, me constantly touching *caressing* his arm or his nape or his legs. Or if we are watching the TV, we would hold hands. Or I give him a massage.

5. We have an activity together. We jog around the UP campus every Sunday morning. *But I am now pregnant so I have to stop it. He still jog anyways.*

6. Discover new places during our free day. It is always nice to explore a new something--restaurant, mall, spa, whatever, with my hubby. I would rather discover it with him that with any other companion.

7. We have our own separate interests. We also have our individual likes and that is important. While he is so fond of current events and politics, I am so fond of lighter stuff like music, surfing the internet or movies. It balances both of us. He always have something new to share to me, and I have something to share in return. These contradictions always serve as a topic starter, and we always have something to talk about. We learn from each other too.


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