Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bra Extensions

My tummy is getting bigger and bigger and that is not the only body part that is expanding. Expectedly, my breasts are not far behind. From 36c, they have grown to a whopping 38c. I have never been proud of this size!! However, discomfort finds its way to interrupt my happiness. My current brassieres are still good enough to use so I did not buy a new set, but I can feel discomfort at the back area since i cannot hook them up anymore. Good thing there are bra extensions available in the market. They are so helpful!!! Aside from expanding the scope of my bras, they now prevent my boobies from touching each other since it's now more spacious and loose. I bought one set of bra extensions for only p145.00. These are available in all maternity shops. Mine I got from Havin a Baby, Trinoma Branch.


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