Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Hubby Bid Goodbye to His Hair---Finally!!!

I have been trying to convince my hubby to shave off his hair. He would totally refuse and really won't agree with me. I told him it is about time to change his haircut. I have seen the same ol' boring hairstyle for years!! And he's been sporting that kind of do since time immemorial. I would see his pictures from gradeschool, to highschool, to college and nothing changed. For one, he was so comfortable with this kind of look, it has become his comfort zone. Well, his case is not at all strange. A lot of people won't change their looks for the fear of making their appearance from good to worse. But this time, he really had to say goodbye to his hair. For hubby's having a worst case of falling hair, a disease called alopecia.

Alopecia is a hairloss condition wherein hair is lost in patches or batches and the loss is rather rapid. Reason behind this is not yet completely known but dermatologists usually associate this condition with stress. True enough, since my husband is so dedicated to his work, he is usually stressed. We noticed a small patch of hairloss last November 2008 and we just simply did not mind it. We thought it's just a simple case of hairloss. But we noticed more and more hair falling off. They were clogging the drain, they were all over the floor, even on his office table and computer desk. I would see strands of hair on the pillow, the towel, the headrest of his car. We were alarmed. December of that year, we started consulting dermatologists. That's where we learned that his case is called Alopecia. I researched for it in the internet. I read about the cause, which like I said is still unknown, the symptoms, the appearance, etc. And we concede to the fact that he's really having an alopecia.

This condition of hair loss is not alarming at all. It's just that there are cases wherein hair tends to go a resting phase, meaning, it will not grow at all for a long time. My hubby has been under medication for like three months now and so far, no good. Soft baby hairs are sprouting but they only last for like two to three days for they tend to fall off too. The patchy hair loss started to bother him for people could not help but stare and give him strange looks. It's like he is under going chemotherapy. I admit that i was bothered by it too. So we both decided to shave it all off.

Sunday morning, we went straight to the barber shop and instructed the barber what to do. It only took aroung 10 minutes to shave it all off!! And guess what, he looked great with his new look!! And he liked it too, thank God! And all the people around him--the neighborhood and in the office--all agreed that he looked better now that he shaved it all. I guess it shoot up his confidence again.

He is still under medication, still applying the same scalp ointments and creams prescribed by his dermatologist and that herbal shampoo we discovered in Quezon City Circle. We both concede to the fact that it will take us a long time to see his hair grow again. But nevertheless, with hair or without, he still remains to be the most handsome guy for me.


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