Saturday, March 28, 2009

Normal Delivery or Ceasarian Delivery?

I am now 32 weeks pregnant to date. And I just cannot still believe that I will be delivering a human being soon. In fact, the day I discovered I am pregnant is still very vivid. It's like it was just yesterday. But now, I am only few weeks shy to The Day, our Migo or Miguel Inigo's birthday.

However, as much as I am excited to see our little darling, the pain of getting him out of me is creeping me out. I know for a fact that giving birth is not a piece of cake, and no matter how wonderful it is to bear a child, the method of delivering him out goes from painful to crucial, which gives me goosebumps big time.

As of the moment, I am still not sure if I will be having a vaginal delivery - or commonly known as normal delivery, or abdominal delivery - or better known as caesarian delivery. Las time we checked, the baby is in the right position already, meaning his head is already headed down. But since I am still few weeks away to my due date, and also the baby is moving too much (he's really playful!!), there is a possibility that he still change his position. So there is no way of telling yet which procedure I will undergo. All I can do is talk to my baby every now and then and beg him, literally, to be a good boy and do not let mommy face a hard time in delivering him.


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