Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buying Baby Stuff For the First Time

Two weeks ago, hubby and I went to SM megamall to buy few of baby stuff. It was a combination of hesitation and excitement on my part. Hesitation because as a first time mommy, honestly, I am not sure if I knew exactly what I am doing, or what I will be buying for the tiny kiddo. Excitement because this is a different kind of bonding moment for me and hubby. After years of buying stuff for ourselves, for the house, for the car, and all other things, now we are facing a different phase of buying stuff for our own firstborn.

First stop-the pram, or commonly known here as the stroller. We were already sure of what we were going to buy since we scouted for it several weeks ahead. We were set to get Chicco Trevi. It is within our budget and it's quite okay for us. But when we went there to get it, they already run out of stock. They actually had one left, but it was the display unit. For obvious reasons, we did not want the display unit. So we looked for another brand and we landed to Graco station. Graco prams have a reputation of being one of the best brands when it comes to baby prams, cribs, carriers and the likes. Like Chicco, it is one of the best brands for baby carriers. We agreed to get the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe in elegant green and brown combo. It's quite big and much expensive than Chicco Trevi, but the added features it has, are so convincing, we did not have doubts at all.
-It can be both for a newbord and a toddler, meaning our kiddo can use it from day one up to say three years old.
-The frames are all made of aluminum so we are talking of rust-free material here.
-There are lots of compartment available for baby stuff--baby tray and cup holder in front, parent tray at the back, 2 cup boards at the side, and a load basket below.
-Canopy can be rotated from front to back.
-Wheels made of rubber.
-Washable linings.
-Four stages reclining position.
-And the "it" and "deciding factor" for hubby-the one-touch-easy-fold.

Next stop, baby bottles. We were deciding wether to buy the ever popular feeding bottle brand Avent or the one as equally as popular brand Pigeon. Philips Avent from the UK is no doubt The Man of all feeding bottles. This brand has a superior quality to boost, and it has all the features the baby needs when feeding. With all its top most advantages, the price is no doubt higher than the usual brands. I believe this brand is the most expensive when it comes to feeding bottles, but then it's all worth it. But I did not buy it. We agreed to get Pigeon brand instead. The simple reason we had in mind: We have to know first what the baby's reaction to feeding bottles would be before we indulge into something expensive. We got Pigeon because its quality is not far behind. In fact, it's one of the expensive and saleable brands too. I just got particular with the nipple, since they say the nipple must be patterned from the nipple of the mother, so i bought this type they call peristaltic nipple. This type of nipple allows the baby to suck in the same way they would from a mother's nipple. We bought 3 cutely printed bottles and 3 plain transparent bottles and some extra peristaltic nipples.

Last stop-the crib comforter. We do not have a crib yet, but then we agreed on buying this wooden crib that suits the theme of our place (our pad has sort of all-wood theme). We did not buy it yet since we did not have much space in the car anymore. We just bought the comforter first. The comforter is such a cutey!! It's creamy yellow and light brown color with teddy bear prints. First time I saw it, I did not look for other designs anymore. The set includes the overall side linings, one head pillow, two bolsters, one fitted sheet for the mattress, and one blankie. I know our baby Migo will definitely love it!

I never thought buying baby stuff can be this toxic, but then who cares? I enjoyed every second of it!! This is a first time for me and so far, I am loving it. As a matter of fact, I cannot wait for our next date. I am looking forward to buying some more baby needs. I really love the experience!


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