Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Linea Nigra

As a pregnant woman, there are tons and tons of changes I have to face everyday. On the onset of knowing that I am indeed pregnant, fear of physical changes gushing through me. I have seen a lot of pregnant women changing from slim to stout, from pretty to scary (me bad). And I know I am not an exception. But as of this writing, I am fortunate enough not to look as bad as I expected. In fact, I do not look an inch of a pregnant woman, with the exception of the bulging tummy of course. My face still looks the same, and my neck and nape have not changed it's color. My underarms though are becoming darker by the day, but it's okay at least I can hide that. What I am bothered though is this line in my tummy which is also becoming darker and longer everyday. I am getting conscious about this thingy and sometimes I hate looking at it in the mirror.

This vertical line in the abdomen area is what we call the Linea Nigra. This goes from the pubic area up to the belly button, and in some cases even extends higher. It is dark and is most obvious to fair skinned women like me than dark skinned ones. It is most likely to appear on the second trimester, but I started noticing mine when my tummy started to be obvious. That was, I guess, on y 11th week. The cause of it is not known, though experts say what causes this is the one also resposible for the darkening of the areola. Linea Nigra is much likely to happen to pregnant women.

So what is to be done to prevent this? Bleaching creams? Peeling creams? All pregnant women by now know that any topical treatment, whitening agent and the likes are not safe to be used during pregnancy, so one thing to be done is ---NONE. Just let it be, leave it alone. This is bound to happen. Not to all preggos though. It is said that after giving birth, this is likely to fade, but not on an instant. Give a year or so before you finally say goodbye to it. But knowing that it will be not forever there is a relief already.


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