Sunday, March 8, 2009

Havaianas and the Scary Lead Content

In this world of flip flops, who on earth still does not own a pair of Havaianas? Even the tiniest and the youngest member of any household cannot stand not owning a pair!! This brand of slippers have been so popular in the Philippines, for the Philippines is a tropical country and wearing open type slippers is very appropriate. We can wear this specially during summer season, and we can even wear this during rainy season when we have to brave knee-high flood in the streets. Gone are the days when wearing slippers in the mall or in the hotel can give you unsolicited looks. Gone are the days when wearing slippers are just for those who cannot afford to buy leather-made footwear. For now, as long as you are wearing havaianas, you are so in the "in" crowd.

But what is this I am hearing that local distributor is recalling Havaianas due to lead scare? To refresh, the US has submitted studies and reports stating that Havaianas, specially the ones made for kids and with prints, have a high lead content making it hazardous to be worn. Why are we to be scared of lead? Generally speaking, this is bad for our health. Excessive amount of it can destroy the nervous system, may cause some sickness including cancer, and is harmful to an unborn child.

Local distributor of Havaianas has taken the necessary action of recalling their products to assure the buying market that they are doing what is best to be done. They are to bring samples to the Department of Trade and Industry to have them checked. Even if they are assuring that the US batch is entirely different from the local batch, they are responsible enough to act on the matter by having these products checked. Hopefully in the next days, this issue will be resolved so we can wear our collection of lovely pairs with a peace of mind.

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