Friday, April 24, 2009

Time for Bed Rest

My last check up with my OB was April 19, 2009-- still no good news for the growth of our little one. He's still behind when it comes to weight, only weighing 3.6 pounds when he's supposed to be around 4 pounds already at 32 weeks. His abdominal cirmcumference is also small for his age. His head and limbs though are okay, but in the border line measurement. His lack of weight and measurement is due to the notch found on my left side which hinders the nutrients he is supposed to be getting from the food i am eating. His eating activity is not normal at all. My amniotic fluid is also low since he is not urinating that much due to the lack of fluid and food he is getting from me. I researched what this condition is and my researches showed that this condition is called Intra Uterine Growth Restriction.

Management for IUGR is still unknown, and the causes are not fully defined since there could be a lot of factors. I am certain that the notch found in me is causing this IUGR. According to my research, bed rest is often requested to mothers with this condition. My OB has mentioned this to me during the last check up, but did not ask me to undergo one yet since we still have to find out the baby's development on my next appointment. If he copes with his weight, she will not ask me to bed rest, but if the situation is still the same, she will impose one. However, I cannot wait for the next check up and I cannot bear another bad news. So I decided for myself to go a bed rest. Hope this could really help my baby grow.


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