Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bored With Bed Rest But All Worth It

Hubby and I talked about me taking a leave from work a month before my due date so I could rest. At the back of my mind, that would be so cool. At least I could be a domestic diva for a month. I imagined myself cooking him breakfast, preparing his lunch and again preparing his dinner. And picture myself organizing our place, the closet, the baby needs and all that, doing some gardening, etcetera. But something bursted my bubble. Sure I will be resting, bed rest that is.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I had a self-imposed bed rest due to the IUGR thing the baby is having. He is not growing at the right pace. His measurements were small for his age. According to my researches, mothers with this condition were adviced to have a bed rest. My doctor did not ask me to undergo one, but still I did it for my baby's sake.

Bed rest was not at all that fun. Sure it was an opportunity for me to really have a full-day rest, come sun up to sun down, but really I did not enjoy it that much. I had to gather all the things I would be needing near my bed so I could just grab them without moving much of my muscles. My books and magazines were there, my hubby's portable DVD player and all the dvd's were set, 1 gallon of water ( i needed lots of water to increase my amniotic fluid) and a tumbler, some healthy nick nacks, and our baby's classical cd's were all beside me. I only had limited privileges to get up and that was to go to the rest room to either pee or take a bath, and to take my lunch and dinner at the nearby dining set. I felt like a sick person. To add, I also had to watch my diet. I needed to load on protein, cut some of carbohydrates, total no-no to sodium, fats and oily foods. So that meant I had to say goodbye to longganisa and tocino and all other processed food that always complete my breakfast, some of my favorite junk food that perk me up, and just stick to grill, stewed or broiled food. I felt so helpless. This was not the "rest" or leave from work that I was looking forward to. This was not at all being a domestic diva that I pictured myself would be. But again, as what I have said, I had to sacrifice for my baby.

I also prayed hard to the Authority upstairs. I knew deep in my heart that He was the only one who could divert this situation and help with our dilemma. I prayed a novena hourly for every day. My special request was to give my baby the right measurement he needed.

April 30, 2009-- that was the next appointment to my doctor. Hubby was supportive for he left really early from work just to accompany me to the doctor. I told him days before that I could not bear to hear another bad news all by myself and I needed him there. Good thing he made all effort to be with me, considering that his work always required him to go overtime every end of the month.

Sure I was nervous. Nervous of what the doctor's news would be. I was #5 in line and waiting for my name to be called seemed like an agony for me. I only waited around forty minutes but it seemed I waited forever.

My blood pressure was read, and it went up a bit, but the doc said it was still within the normal range. My weight, as expected, was up from 147 pounds to 150 pounds and again, that was normal. At last she asked me to lie down so she could measure my tummy's fundal height. The last time was 26 inches, not normal for 32 weeks. Now it was up to 29 inches!! And it was just right for 34 weeks!! That was the first good news I heard!! I thanked God on an instant upon hearing that. Now it was time to go to the ultrasound room to check the measurements. Another round of nervouseness for me. As she was applying that cold gel in my tummy, I was praying real hard that the measurement would be all okay by now, even if I only had a short time for bed rest and healthy eating. The doctor was smiling, and told me that everything is okay. EVERYTHING IS OKAY!! The baby already coped up with his measurement, but still on the border line side, but atleast he coped up already!! I never felt so happy!! Thank God for all that!

I asked her if I needed a bed rest, and she said not at all. But I have to go on leave and just relax at home. She gave me new batch of vitamins. One would be for my baby's brain development and one for preparation of my breast milk. She also asked me to start taking a 30-minute walk routine in the morning and at night.

On my way home, I was just so happy that the smile on my face was fixed all through out. I never thought bed rest could be this helpful. I dreaded it, but it really helped. And I again decided and self-imposed to continue this bed rest. But this time not as much, for I also needed to tidy up our place and prepare the things of our baby. For he will be coming in just a month and I may not have time to prepare all his stuff. But of course to take a bed rest is still the top priority.

Lastly, these will not all be possible without the prayers and faith in God. I trully believe that nothing is impossible in prayers, and this happening is one proof that God really hears ours prayers.


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