Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Answered Prayer

My husband was set to go to London next week, May 14, 2009. He's been excited about this trip and he has been waiting for this for a long time. This trip is courtesy of the company he works for for a job well done. Despite his excitement, I am a bit hesitant if I want him to go to the trip or not, for I might give birth while he was away and of course I do not want that to happen. I need him here and I want him here when our first born sees the world. I am thinking, how could we have our family picture in the hospital (yes, my plan is to have our first family pic inside the delivery room) if he's away? I prayed to God that the trip be postponed or something despite the fact that all was already set. The company already handed him his passport/visa and plane ticket. They made arrangements with the hotel already. Everything was already set, but still, there's nothing wrong with hoping.

When he arrived from work today, he told me there is some bad news. He told me that the trip was postponed because of swine flu. Apparently, his bosses do not want them to take the risk. The trip is now rescheduled to July. Of course I did not show him that Im happy to hear the news and pretended that I was disappointed as well. But deep inside me I thanked God for another answered prayer for I really want him to see our firstborn when he arrives in our lives.


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