Sunday, September 27, 2009

First and (definitely) last date in Amici


Selamat pagi!

Since I had my bedrest last April, until I gave birth last May, Elmer and I had no time for dinner date, movies or mall strolling. Honestly, despite the fact that Migo is giving us so much laughter and fills most of our time, I missed going out with hubby-alone.

That was why when Letlet, our ex-kasambahay, asked us if she could be Migo's yaya par-time, I gave her an instant nod. Migo and Letlet seemed to be enjoying each other's company and so far, so good.

Last Saturday, Elmer and I! decided to go to the mall and watch a movie. I wanted so much to watch Bea Alonzo's And I Love You So, but they were out in SM cinemas. I thought Kimmy Dora and The Proposal would be great substitutes. I was so excited!! We left here in Fairview at 2:30pm and come 4:00pm, we were still on the road. Traffic was terrible because of ongoing public viewing of INC's Eranio Manalo. We arrived in Megamall just in time for the anticipated mass. Really, I was so disappointed for I was so set to watch a movie, and my anticipation reached heights already. Needless to say, we were not able to make it to the movies ;(

After mass, Elmer and I were already starving so we decided to have early dinner. We were torn between Racks and Amici. I was kinda partial with Racks because I so wanted their ribs and it was safe to dine there since it was already a familiar place plus we would never go wrong with what to order. As a policy, if we're darn hungry already, we will not experiment on food. Experimenting on what to order would always come up with a wrong choice of food. And wrong choice of food when we're already starving means disaster. But that night we broke the rules. Since I was so intrigued with what Amici had to offer, and the nice feedbacks I heard from their satisfied customers, I chose Amici.

A sweet lady greeted us as we enter Amici. She gave us the menu and once decided, we should go to the cashier to place the order and pay. I thought this was not a "self-service" type of restaurant. I heard this is considered "poor man's Italianni's" so I thought they also imitated every bit of Italianni's. Anyways, I ordered lasagna, hubby ordered Pollo Arrostito, and one Tutta Carne for sharing. Sa totoo lang, sa menu palang parang ang dami kulang. Or they were just being straight and simple? The description of each meal did not sound appealing at all. Unlike with other restaurants where description of each dish was carefully thought of, making me salivate as I read them one by one and making it harder for me to decide with what to get, Amici's description was just one liner and basically just described the content or the ingredient of the dish. Pollo Arrostito-Baked rosemary half chicken with veggies. Lasagne Al Forno-Creamy-lasagna in meat sauce. Boooorrrriiing!!!

When the meal arrived, both of us were just quiet. The food did not look tasty at all. There was no food presentation either. Hiya nga ako kay Elmer e. I have been asking him kasi to treat me there since it opened in Morato so I guess he already had high expectations with it. Plus palagi pang puno ng diners, so the food must really be good. Frankly, it was not. We were disappointed big time. We did not enjoy a bit of our food and that was really sad.


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