Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Ondoy shocked the nation


September 26,2009--I woke up at around 6 in the morning to instruct manang Gloria what to cook for our breakfast. First reaction was: umuulan? paano kami aalis nito? The three of us were supposed to be going out (again!) to get Elmer's ultrasound result in Healthway North Edsa. To cut short, we did not go because of the rains. Okay lang din sa akin. In fact, I had a lot, as in a lot, to finish that day and going out was my least priority.

One of the tasks I had to finish that day was Migo's baptismal preps. I started wrapping Migo's baptismal tokens at the kitchen-lanay at around 10:30am. I switched on the radio and jump-start myself for a busy day ahead. Rain was pouring so wildly and wind was blowing in almost all direction, me liking the cool and chilling effect from where I was working. The mood made me go on and on, steady and focused with wrapping the souvenirs. After around fifteen minutes, I was about to go inside the pad again to get something and I was so shocked to see water almost knee high!!

Guilty of not being mindful of the heavy rains, maybe because I was so caught up with Migo's baptismal tokens and having set my mind to finish everything that day, I barely noticed how really strong Ondoy was until I saw the raging water from kuya Edwin's place running down to our pad. It was the first time hubby and I experienced such! We put away the carpet, unplugged the appliance, cleared the floor, and packed all our essentials for we might evacuate the pad any minute from then.

I turned on the tv and fished info on what was happening outside. The scenes were all appalling!! How could it happen in a matter of just few hours? Floods as high as eight feet in some areas!! People who tried to go to work now wanting to go home to check on their families, only finding themselves in a very compromising and risky situation. People up on their roofs,some elderly and some even barely a week old, were hoping for some rescue. Ondoy caught everybody off guard.

I texted my mom asking how they were. Good thing they were not that affected by the flood, though the water in front of the house was already knee deep. Mom told me that dad went to bayan where our old house was to help our uncles and cousins evacuate things. You see, that house was so near, as in near the Tulyahan river. Lamesa dam let out water already and the river was a direct hit. But things happened real fast. In a matter of four hours, the basement was all wiped out and they were not able to lift a single thing. Water from the basement went up to the first floor!! Imagine how high the water level was!

Is this one of nature's way of telling us that she is already fed up? That she gives us all her best, providing us all our basic needs from light, to food, the air we breath among others and battering her, abusing her, polluting her is all she gets? Makes me wonder, are we reaping what we sow?

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