Friday, November 20, 2009

Understanding his teething



For almost two weeks now, Migo has been scratching his gums in any way he can. He would grab almost everything, put it in his mouth and place it there, just there on that particular center spot, and quietly sooth himself. He would be Oscar the Grouch once I pull the thing from him to stop. Then eventually I would give in to his cries for he would really cry so loudly and be irritated. I suspected he was teething.


Itchy gums was not the only sign I saw these past few weeks. I associated most of the unusual activities to teething. And my research told me I was correct.

UNEASY AND IRRITABLE - Most of the time he would cry for no reason at all and I would be there ready to carry him to comfort him.
Research says: As the sharp little tooth rises closer to the surface your baby’s gums may become increasingly more sore and painful,leading to your baby being very fussy. The pain and discomfort is most often worse during the first teeth coming in and later when the molars come in because of their bigger size. This is most often the case since babies become accustomed to the sensations of teething and learn to live with them. But you may find your baby may be fussy during the whole time that every tooth comes in. Every child reacts differently.

DROOLS - I often run out of bibs because he could easily wet it in a matter of minutes, no exaggeration. I wondered why he could not control or swallow his saliva. He looked like a saliva factory for like a week.
Research says: you may see your baby start drooling more often than normal. Teething stimulates drooling, which is often worse with some babies than others.

DIARRHEA - our worst case. It happened one Sunday when Elmer, Migo and I attended the Avon walk at Mall of Asia. He was sitting cutely on his stroller, Elmer was busy and proudly introducing his little version to his officemates while I played clown so he would not throw tantrums to the new faces sorrounding him. I noticed his shoe fell off from his feet (maluwag kasi, pinasuot pa e). As i picked it from the ground, I set my eyes to the stroller and there I saw pupu dripping from his seat down to his legs. It was such a mess! And I never saw it coming for he was okay the day before. We hurriedly went to Strada to clean him as well as the stroller. Boy, the pupu was really liquid, the diaper could not accomodate it. That was terrible. I stopped giving him solid food and I lessen my scoop of milk. The diarrhea lasted for three days.
Research says: While this is a symptom that is disagreed upon by physicians, researchers and parents, most parents usually notice slightly looser bowel movements when a baby is teething. While the recent study done by the Children’s Hospital in Australia found this to be the most common symptom of teething, there are still many people that will agree and disagree with this recent study. It is believed that the most likely cause of this is the extra saliva swallowed, which then loosens the stool. Be sure and report any diarrhea to your doctor that lasts more than two bowel movements.

November 19, 2009--- his first tooth on the central bottom, the left one in particular, came out.


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