Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The other woman



It is all over the news--Manny Pacquiao and the alleged other woman Krista Ranillo.
Jinky was not able to hide her emotions when she succumed into tears as Aling Dionisia gave Manny a comforting hug. Why is it that in every success of a man, there comes the other woman? Is it because men do not feel truly "up there" if they do not conquer it all-the money, the fame, the women. Why is it that success always means one family being torn apart? One family in trouble? One home being wrecked? It does not happen to just Manny Pacquiao, who from the beginning was being linked to Ara Mina and now to Krista Ranillo. It could happen to just anybody--known or unknown member of the male community. Having a broken home is something like having a cancer-- you do not wish it to happen to anyone, even your enemy.

I have, in fact, a close friend who is one. Believe it or not, we are good. I mean, as friends, we get along. We share the same likes--movies, clothes, bags,
shoes, even food, books, the list goes on. We can talk about anything and everything
under the sun--except her love life. Who wants to hear stories, or problems, of a kabit? How would I feel kilig every time she wants to talk about their weekend get away? Or the places they have been to? Their thriving business together? When at the back of my mind, I know someone is being stabbed. Someone is hurting (yes, the wife knows all about the affair too). And believe me, this friend of mine is someone I would not like to meet in the future. She is such a perfect kabit, if there is such a thing. Perfect that the man wants to leave his family behind just for her. And my friend is there always waiting.

They have been together for the longest time now. And they do live as a married
couple. Ma and Da are their terms of endearment. And when they learned that I was
pregnant few months back, inggit sila sa akin. I did not bother to confirm if they too wanted to have a child of their own for I was not so sure if I would like to hear their answer.

I sort of investigated their set up few years back when their relationship was just fresh and young. I always have this belief that kabits exist because of money. As what I have said with Manny Pacquiao--the money, the fame, the women. It has to be the money and nothing else. But with my friend, it's different. They both have money. And most of the time, my friend has more resources than her guy--cars, high-paying job, allowance from parents, own condo unit. And these all belong to just her. Her own pocket, her own ATM. Most of the time, the guy is short of money. Of course he has his own family to give his money to. And the wife naman syempre will not allow the money to be shared with this kabit friend of mine. So my friend shoulders the expenses.

There lies the mystery of it all... is it always the money, or is true love now involved? My friend seems to be happy with him, and so is the guy with her. Who am I to judge? They might have their own reasons, sabi nga ni Manny, wag na pakialaman ang personal na buhay.

But as for me, I really do hope and I pray hard that my husband won't meet
someone like my friend--someone who I call a perfect kabit. As for the meantime, I am doing my best not to give my hubby the reason to look for one.


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