Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrating 16 years of pure love


Good day!!

November 16, 2009, honey and I celebrated our 16th anniversary as a dating couple and
4th anniversary as a married couple. I met him when I was only 16 and now that I am already 32, he's still the one I get my kiligs from. It amazes me that half of my life I already spent with the man of my forever.

This year is such a special year for us. Aside from the 16th anniversary on the 16th of November,this is also the year we were blessed with an angel. Yes, after three years of longing to have a little one, we were given a little sweetheart we can call our own. The three of us are inseparable. Wherever one goes, the two will follow. and the anniversary was not an exception. My honey and I went out for our anniversary date, with a stroller in tow. ;)

We went to Megamall and first stop was Dairy Queen.
I dunno how how honey developed his love for DQ,
and I am not complaining. Pretty soon Migo will be
ordering one for himself.

I ordered the usual favorite, Oreo. Honey ordered
strawberry. While the little boy had to content
himself with his milk

Our gifts to each other.

The first time I saw a pair of these crocs suede-made flats some few weeks back, I was not able to sleep. I wanted it so badly because of the comfort it gives to the feet when walking. Yesterday, hubby gave it to me as his gift. Sweet!

I really thought Migo and he will be checking some stuff in some
boutique while I went to buy something from National bookstore.
Once done, I looked for them because they were nowhere to
be found. I was calling his both phones and he would not answer and I
was already fuming mad for he was in his phones constantly to attend to his work
how come now,he would not answer my call!! Few more minutes later,
the stroller was approaching carrying these flowers!! Awww, that was sweeter!!

We went to Gap and he eyed a nice polo, fitted it and left. He had second thoughts of buying it for it was "not practical". But it really looked good on him. So while he was buying something from Watsons, Migo and I went to Gap and bought
the polo. I gave it to him as a gift.

We then went to the Chapel to hear mass. To have each other for sixteen years is something really, really worth saying thanks for to that One above. For our last stop, we went to Dad's Eat-All-You-Can and had dinner there. Good thing our Migo was not that cranky anymore because he just had his nap that time. He was playing while we were enjoying our food. We went back and forth, back and forth. I was so excited to taste everything on the buffet table. I did not dare hesitate to binge and totally loose control of my so-called diet. That was such a bliss!

We arrived home at around eleven in the evening. Migo was in deep sleep already while the two of us were so tired and sleepy. I enjoyed the day so much and I look forward to more days like this.

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