Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Half-a-year of cries and giggles


It's been six months since I became a mom. I am so loving every bit of it. I so love it that going back to work now dreads me. Really, by this time, I should be going back to work, as in the real work. But I am having second thoughts still and I do not want to leave Migo to a yaya (which I do not have yet) for like, what, four or five days a week. It is not that I do not trust her, the yaya, but it's me that I do not trust. I do not know how will my mind work if I will be away from him in so many days a week. I might not be able to concentrate on my job. Yung trabaho ko pa naman, paper works mostly. I talked to hubby about going back to work and he has no problem with it. In fact, he is encouraging me to go out, pa-unti unti, so I can "get over" Migo and get used to not having him around even for just a while. Okay, let's see.

November 10, 2009-- Migo celebrated his sixth month. And I celebrated my survival, hehe...

Six months of crying loudly for milk, getting cranky when sleepy, toothless smiles, laughter that echoes around, hugs and kisses. Six months of pure bliss. Lavit!!

We had the traditional pancit for long life. Every 10th of the month, Elmer would bring home pancit from Kowloon house to celebrate Migo's monthly birth date. There must be a real, right term for it. Can someone please tell me how to call it? I am sure there are parents out there who celebrate monthly the way we do, with pancit and all, and I wonder how do they call it?

Six months from now and our little Nigo will be a year old. How time flies!! If only I could stop the time, I definitely will. I do not want my Migo to grow up yet, and yet it is happening real fast. So fast that I am afraid I won't be able to catch up.

I really hope he stays to be the cuddly, cute, smart baby that he is.

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