Monday, December 28, 2009

Andi, the wooden walker


Hola amiga!

Honey and I already saw signs of Migo's eagerness to stand up and do small steps so we wasted no time and looked for a walker. We would frequent the malls so to look for a walker that would fit the little man, but to no avail. Branded or brandless walkers, they won't "fit" Migo. Migo has long legs and from what we saw upon fitting the walkers, his legs would fold and he found it hard to straight them up and walk. Aside from that, he found the trinkets and toys placed in front of it interesting so he would just sit still, not walk at all, and just play with the toys placed infront of him. Our search for the right walker lasted for almost two weeks until we settled to the idea of just buying him the traditional walker. So on Christmas day, while driving our way to papu and mamu's place, Elmer saw a nomad selling an andador and we swerved, stopped, and bought the wooden walker.

Andi. I named the humble andador Andi. I know I used one too when I was a baby. In fact from me to our bunso Cris, mom and dad also welcomed the benefits of the andador. The older ones-titos and titas, lolos and lolas, ninongs and ninangs, prefer Andi over the new-kids-on-the-block who looked really fancy with all the toys
in front of it, the nice padding, and the rolling wheels. But then why did we settle for the plain-looking Andi? Here are our reasons:

-Andi looked so plain that Migo just focused on his walking, unlike when placed in a walker where he would just play with the toys placed in front of him.

-Migo would just glide, not walk, in the walker. The wheels made him move, not his feet. With the andador sans the wheels, his legs would do all the works. Literally, he would move himself from one place to another with the small steps his feet could make.

-Thr price. Andi priced at only p250, who would not get it? ;) Seriously, andador for me is durable compared to any branded walker available in the market. And if Migo would turn out to be stronger and nastier than other babies his age, andadors are easier to fix as long as there are nails and hammer around. Beyond repair already? Priced at P250,let's go and buy a new one!

One downside though, was that I had to make a padding so to not hurt his kilikili and chest, and another pad where to put him in. I had to sew these paddings and I slept at around 3am to finish it. It was not easy for me, but I had fun sewing anyways, thinking that my little sweetheart will spend some hours in a day, jumping and walking, in this wooden walker I named Andi.


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