Sunday, January 24, 2010

Established sleeping time



From Migo's birth up to his seventh month, I was terribly looking forward
to some quality, deep sleep. That was because Migo was so hyper up to midnight
and some point up to 2 in the early morning. It was really so hard to put him to
sleep. Honey and I struggled to find ways to make him sleepy--- sing to him, dance
him, shake him a little, give him a warm bath, even baby products to invite sleep,
etcetera, etcetera. Once he got his sleep, I already felt so tired and harassed. I had no time to do the things I love doing before going to bed. That meant I had no time to catch up on my reading, no time to go to my fave websites, and even no time to take a shower!! Goodness!! And the sad part of it all, Migo is an early riser. So no matter how late he slept, he would wake up at 5ish or 6ish. And I had to be up by the time he's up. Imagine how short my sleep was.

Good thing our one week of stay with my parents' house helped me to at last
establish his sleeping time. We had to stay over my parents' place for a week because
honey was in Australia. We had no company so dun muna kami natulog sa kanyang
papu and mamu. Peeps there sleep early. 9 in the evening and lights off already. That's because my dad and mom jog in the early morning, plus Migo's kuyas (cousins)
-Nico and Dane- sleep early for the next day's school. Also, my sisters work in a call center so they are not around during night time. My brother naman stays in his room all evening to watch the movies he downloaded from the net. So in other words, there was no much happening come evening time. And though I find it odd, it was a great way to find my baby's sleep time. 9:30 in the evening became Migo's official bedtime.

A week after and we were back to Fairview. I had doubts if I could go with this pattern once back there. Dinner time there is 8ish, some days it could be as late as 9ish. And we still have to do some chika here and there afterwards. And of course, after-dinner is the time they-the uncles, aunts, cousins and even manangs-play with Migo. The time we will be back to the humble pad is like 10:30, and by then we would struggle to put him to sleep. Hyper na sya by that time due to the talking and playing with him made by people around him.

I was really determined to establish his sleeping time. What I did, I snatched my little Migo away from everybody after dinner. That was around 9pm already. And good thing nobody gave me a violent reaction, hehe. I had to explain my plan of putting him to sleep same time everyday and everybody agreed. So far so good. In fact, he would be the first one to show signs that he was sleepy already. I just had to sway him a little, sing any song in a soft voice, give him milk to suck, and after ten to fifteen minutes, he's in dreamland already.

This has been going on for several days now and I am crossing my fingers!!

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