Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Modern Pinay Wife's Birthday


Happy morning!

January 23, 19nevermind--- the day I was born. For the past, I guess, seven years, I started treating my family during my birthday. Previous years, it was the duty of my mom or my ever loving nanay Lileng (lola), who I must say I terribly miss on my birthdays since she would always give me a call to greet me a happy birthday and a box of either cake or an ice cream will be sent in the house

Since I got married, I have been celebrating my birthday in two days. First day, the birthday itself, was spent with my family. My Rockville family, as expected, had simple yet satisfying ways to celebrate it. This year, they just requested for a bucket of KFC (hot and crispy and original recipe combo with overflowing gravy), Arjay barbecue (the best in Nova I guess), Jollibee spag (original plan was Tropical Hut spag but the branch near us was under renovation), and two liters of chillin' soda. This setup never failed to remind me of my childhood since these are the very food that I grew up with. These are the food that never failed to put a smile on my face.

Second day, I spent it with my Fairview family. We heard mass since it was a Sunday, then proceeded to Teriyaki Boy afterwards for my lunch treat. Honey and I took charge of ordering the food and we ordered our usual favorite-- Teriyaki Boy Chicken, Tofu Steak, Yakisoba, Japanese fried rice. Two of our dishes we ordered for the first time and turned out to be great too, the Wafu beef and the Cold Soba.

For dessert, Jeff and Brian bought two boxes of Caramia Gelatia. I have been hearing good reviews about Caramia and was always excited to try one. Good thing the two gentlemen got it for us for the taste was really heavenly. I was not able to catch what particular flavor they bought, but whatever that was, it was uber yummy.

We ended our lunch with the very pinoy tradition of picture-picture. Too bad my little sweetheart could not fight his sleep and just went to slumber land.

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