Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First "adult food"


conas tá tú?

February 1, 2010 -- Migo's first taste of what I call the adult food. It was the day after my daddy's birthday bash and mom, who prepared almost every meal in my dad's birthday celeb, was still in the mood for cooking. I made my way to the kitchen to check what could satisfy my already grumbling tummy. She handed me a newly-cooked menudo. Thick menudo sauce, tender bite-sized pork, sweet carrots and chewy potato, oh yum yum!! Paired with uber malata rice... and steaming hot coffee..oh gosh,that was perfect!!

Just when I was about to finish my last two spoonful, I saw my little man in his just-borrowed walker (thanks by the way to his tita Aileen and tito Edwin) staring at me, with that look. That look telling me that he too wanted a bit of a share of what I was having. I shooed away the thought of giving him a tiny serving, but that look!! That look got me. His eyes were begging for it, and his mouth was doing some chewing motions. His mouth was watering! He melted my heart in an instant. Sans the meat, I found myself mashing my last two servings. I gave it all to my little man and he enjoyed it up to the last grain.


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