Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pre-Valentine and Pre-Birthday Celebration


Love is in the air, yáll!!

Valentine's Day this year falls on a Sunday. That means heavier traffic, full-packed restaurants, exaggerated selling price of a simple bouquet of flowers, and much-o-much love in the air. There's a cliché thought that for lovers, Valentine's Day is every day, but really, when February 14 comes, lovers exert a huge extra effort to express their loves to each other. And I love it just like that.

Honey's birthday is Valentine's Day. The reason why we never dated alone on that special day. It's been a practice to celebrate birthdays with the family and Valentine's Day would always mean Honey dating the whole family. Again, I love it just like that.

This year though, since Honey has a little version of him already and his first time to celebrate his birthday with a baby he calls his own, he wanted to treat us exclusively for his birthday. Just the three of us. Just "his" family. So a day before his special day, we went to Trinoma and celebrated his birthday there.

We had dinner at TGIFridays. It was a "second round" for us actually. The first one was last Christmas and we did not enjoy the experience. Not because of the food, mind you, but because of the little man. Migo threw tantrums and did not want to be put in the stroller. So now we had another try and good thing Migo cooperated this time. TGIFridays ambiance never failed to give me a happy and bright feeling. Waiters always wearing colorful, attention-catching get-up, and never fail to flash their wide smiles. I never get bored waiting for my order for there are tons of going-ons inside the resto that keep my eyes and mind working. People here seems to be always smiling, laughing and happy and it's contagious. I love it!

Honey and I ordered Jack Daniel's pork chop. This mouthwatering dish is sooooooo superb that two pieces is short for sharing. In fact, two pieces is short for us who have more-than-the-average appetite. I wish they would come up with three pieces soon. The chops are grilled to perfection--soft, juicy, and really tasty. The sauce is what made this dish. The sauce is the main attraction here. Jack Daniels sauce is overly popular here in TGIFridays because of the perfect combination of the ingredients that do not overpower each other. We had around eight refills of this sauce. We end up really full yet satisfied. I love it!

We ended the day with a family picture. This shot is really nice. I love it!

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