Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's-Birthday of The Man


Det alle!

Honey's birthday is Valentine's Day. We were not sure about the traffic and the restaurants in the metro but the celebrant still wanted to go a bit farther this time. Nevermind the traffic. He told me he wanted to breathe a different air because he is already suffocated with SM Fairview, SM the Block and Trionoma air so we went to Greenhills this time *yeah, medyo malayo na yun;)

One of our favorite restaurants in Promenade Greenhills is Little Asia. Honey and I so love the food there, not to mention the ambiance, the mood, and the friendly staff. This resto is what honey and I classify as a "date" restaurant for anyone who asks us where to bring their dates for a dinner, Little Asia is what we ONLY recommend--no loud music, almost-romantic lighting, relaxing and cozy feel. Major plus is the price that is not overly high for a really good food. Whenever honey and I dine there, we end up ordering more than what we can accomodate because we so love ordering all the good food this resto offers. We may have to pay a much higher bill because of that not-so-good habit, but it's still worth it because we always pack the left overs so to have another round of delectable dish when we get home.

We ordered the bestsellers:

For first time diners, these are a must-try dish. The chicken, though fried, is so juicy! And what amazes me is the fact that it's crispy on the outside, yet the juice is very well "trapped" inside. The sauce is as delicious! But honestly, since the chicken itself is superb, I do not need the sauce at all. Salt and pepper pork ribs is also a favorite. I had my first taste of it when my friend Marc and I had lunch one time and this is what she ordered. I ended up eating more than half of the serving. It's a blend of all sorts of spices, coming up with a very delicious breading to cover the tender and juicy pork. The toppings that add color-diced green and red bell pepper-add a major twist to the taste. And of course, the yang chow rice. Who would not order yang chow rice in a chinese restaurant? And who would not want to try Little Asia's yang chow? We Filipinos could never last without a rice, and Little Asia's yang chow makes every meal complete, whatever the viand is.

We also ordered Tofu steak, another favorite and a bestseller, chow mien or pancit canton in layman's term, and another dish in which I forgot to check the name and tastes like korean beef stew. These three are also soooooooooo delicious and tasty and can fully satisfy the tummy.

Again, we ended the day with the usual picture-picture.


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