Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super Migo and all his hospitalizations


A! You're Adorable... B! You're so Beautiful... C! You're so Cute and full of

I am fond of singing this to Migo. I have been singing this to him since he
was in my womb. I also have a nursery rhyme CD and I would play this particular
track over and over. D! You're a Darling... E! you're Exciting... F! you're a Feather In My Arm...

Every meaning of the alphabet song fits so dearly to Migo. Everytime he hears
this song, and everytime I sing along with my animated voice, he would stop, a
pair of happy huge eyes would stare at me, and a big smile and continous laughter
will fill the air. G! you're so Good to me... H! you're so Heavenly... I! you're the one I Idolize...

I! you're the one I Idolize... this I dedicate to my little sweetheart. I idolize him for his bravery. He taught me that despite pain, despite the trials, everything will be alright. After the storm, we shall stand up, smile, and move on. Smile and be happy.

June - He was barely two months old when he had fever due to UTI. He was confined
for seven days at Philippine's Children Medical Center. That week was the longest
week of my life. I could not bear to see him being inserted with a needle, only to be
reinserted after a couple of hours because the vein would give up. I dread the ordeal of going to the Treatment Room for a reinsert. He would cry so loudly, would stare at me as if asking for help and mercy, and there I was, holding his legs para hindi sya maglikot. Natatakot ako na baka isipin nya kasama ako sa nagbibigay sa
kanya ng sakit, so after the ordeal, I would hurriedly carry him and give him the
tightest embrace possible to assure him that I was there for him. Amazingly, he would stop in an instant and be back to his normal bubbly self, as if there was no dextrose attached to him, as if there was no pain. This happened everyday, for seven days.

A week after, we went back to Dra. Sonia Gonzales, his nephrologist, for a follow-up
check up. Upon checking his birdie, the nephro and I noticed a bulge on the groin's
upper right area.

July - Hernia. The bulge was suspected to be hernia which was common to infants
that were born earlier than the due date. Migo was only 36months when he arrived.
Hernia can be corrected by a simple surgery. Sur-ge-ry!!! He was only two months
old when he had his first.

August - We were still not cleared with his UTI, we still had to find out what's causing it so to totally avoid another episode. His nephrologist advised us to have him undergo VCUG so to track the cause. We scheluded him for the procedure to be
held in UST. Dr.Bolong, the urologist, gave an orientation first before proceeding.
Pain was still in the picture, for a gadget that was almost as thin as a needle was
inserted to the penis of Migo. I was there all throughout to again hold his legs. I expected the stare I tried to avoid- that stare asking for help and mercy. After two minutes, we were done. He again was back to his jolly and cheerful attitude, forgetting what just happened. VCUG's result told us that not all of his urine was coming out and that caused the UTI.

September - We were back again at PCMC's operating room. He was scheduled
for a cystoscopy and a circumcision. Cystoscopy would trace if there was a
blockage in his urethra, causing the urine to not totally go out. If there was something blocking the urethra, he would be scheduled for another surgery. Good thing there was none, THANK GOD!! He just underwent early circumcision for the skin on the outermost part of the penis might be the culprit of the UTI.

I was having dilemma on how I would manage Migo after the circumcision. How
am I going to carry him? How would I change nappy? What will I do if he cries endlessly due to pain? Surprise, surprise!! He was not at all displaying any discomfort, and in fact, when he woke up, he gave me a huge smile and a happy stare. And he was so playful all throughout the day. Again, as if nothing happened to him.

I trully admire my little sweetheart. He had all these experiences so early with ease. I believe he deserves to be called my Super Migo.

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