Monday, September 7, 2009

I earned dollars


I have been staying home since April. I had a self-imposed bedrest so to help the baby inside me grow faster. His growth slowed down on my last two months of pregnancy and bed rest, according to my research, would be helpful.

Since then, I stopped earning from my profitable sideline and stopped getting allowance from my parents. Yes, I get allowance from my parents because I work for them and I do not get my sweldo on time so the allowance I get helps me survive my regular trips to the malls. Otherwise, my world will be dark and I will be insane.

I had to keep myself busy and entertained and the internet was such a great help. It became my BFF, and I could not live without it. He was my constant companion. After a month, the telephone bill arrived. Then it hit me. Where shall I get the payment for the telephone/internet connection now that I stopped collecting moolah. Elmer now shoulders the payment and I feel too bad about it, so I decide to do something about it.

I came across this site that pays for every published or approved review.

I love trying out new products and I like commenting (read: criticizing) it. New shampoo in the market, new flavor of instant pancit canton, even the new all-korean pop group, hotels in Makati, newly opened resto in Morato. I always share my experience, satisfied or not, to friends so why not put it in writing, have it published and get paid? So I was convinced to sign up.

I am having such a great experience writing reviews for this site. And just
recently, I got paid. Yihhee!!!

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