Monday, May 18, 2009

The First Bath


Okay, so I admit that I really was scared of giving Migo a bath. Imagine how fragile he is, plus the fact that bathing involves water and soap (of course) that might hurt his eyes. Also, I am a first time mommy so I am somebody with no experience when it comes to this. I am even scared of bathing a dog, for goodness sakes! Good thing our dearly beloved lola neighbor, who we love to call Mrs. D., volunteered to give me lessons on how to bathe my little sweetheart. I made clear to her that I want to bathe Migo all by myself so what she had to do was to give me lecture and demo without the actual thing. You getting the picture? Right.

Important reminders before heading to the tub:

-Ideal time for baby's bath is 9am. It is already comfortably warm for the baby.

-Make sure to close all windows, doors, electric fan or aircon so to give the baby a warm and not chilling environment.

-Prepare his bath essentials. Warm water (not boiling, for goodness sake!), baby soap (the mildest in the market), tub, tray (where he will be lying for he cannot be placed in the actual tub yet).

-Prepare his towel and clothings. When it comes to towels, I have two pieces--bath towel and hand towel. The bath towel will wrap him and the hand towel will dry him.
As for clothings, these inlcude his diaper, tie-side top, pyjamas, mittens, and booties.

-When everything is ready, that would be the only time to undress the baby, head to the tub, and bathe, bathe, bathe!!

This is my step by step bathing procedure:

-Feed him first if he is hungry. I did this so just in case he cries, I know the reason is the bathing experience and not his hunger.

-Prepared everything as mentioned above.

-Undressed him. Mittens first, then booties, pyjamas, shirt and lastly the diaper.

-I put some warm water on the tray first before I put him there. That's because the tray felt cold and he might feel cold and cry if I place him there right away.

-I carefully splashed warm water to his entire body.

-I immediately followed it with soap and I cleaned his entire body as fast as I could.

-I rinsed him thoroughly, again, as fast as I could. Also, I folded his earlobes slightly downwards so to cover the holes and prevent the water from getting through. And even if I used gentle-to-the-eyes soap, I still made sure that no water will get through his eyes.

-I then dried him all over, then put on his new, clean clothes for the day.

I did not have a hard time giving my Migo his first bath. As a matter of fact, I believe he liked the experience. He was just still, and he enjoyed the water.

It was one lovely, first-time experience for both of us and I so love this new bodning moment we have :)

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