Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miguel Inigo


He is fondly called Migo. I love calling him My Little Sweetheart. He really is one. My day, no matter how gloomy, turns sunny bright whenever I look at him. He cries quite a lot but i do not care for the sound he makes will always be music to my ears. He gives me sleepless nights and restless days but I do not mind at all. As long as we are together, it's perfectly fine.

I just love to stare at him at all times. I do not care if he still cannot see me, as long as I know he feels me, then it's okay. I so love to carry him, feel him, feed him, everything for him!! I so love my new precious gift from above. And I promise the One who gave him to me to take care of this gift for as long as I live.

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