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Migo Turns One -- The Experience

What a hot day today!!

I still cannot get over the party, so here I am posting away the experiences, rants and raves about the Migo Birthday Project. I believe the best way to start this is to share my experiences with the suppliers, among other experiences, for without them, this party will be half-impossible.

CCME Homemade Food Stuff

As stated in my previous post, we are regulars of CCME. Tasty, satisfying food in incredibly affordable price is the best way to describe CCME. We have been ordering from them since time immemorial and we also got them to cater with us on Migo's christening. Now that he turned one and another major event to date, CCME was again a part of it. We had Beef Caldereta, Spaghetti, Fish Fillet and Chicken Lollipop.


Mr. Balloonatix / Jojo

Jojo of Mr.Balloonatix was soooooooo easy to deal with. I texted and emailed him almost everyday for inquiries, revisions, requests, favor, and what have you's and he never showed any irritation about it. He was prompt in answering me, and he granted ALL as in ALL my requests and favors. He was able to work on my budget and the place did not look budgeted at all. It made the venue a festive one. And to top it all, his packages are really affordable compared to other balloon artists.


Since Symond is one of the Class A hosts and always in demand, I texted him at once and I asked if he was available on my date. He was also easy to talk to, always prompt in replying to my texts. His rate is also a bit lower compared to other class A hosts. His rate includes full program hosting, magic, balloon twisting and ventriloquism, and his own sound system. The party was full of fun and laughter because of him. He knows how to tickle the audience, both the kids and the adults. His games were more on the intellectual side, which I so like because it stimulated the minds of my guests. I looked around when he was doing his acts, and everybody, even the men who I know will just go out or group themselves outside to talk or grab a drink since kiddie party is a mom-child thing, were glued to their seats and gave their hundred percent attention to Symond. Everybody laughed and enjoyed his program.


Thor Productions

At first I was only considering getting a photopgrapher for the event, but when I watched some of Thor's video, and as adviced by my fellow mommies from my second cyberhome Girltak, I decided on the spot to get also a videographer. They arrived two hours ahead of time, and I could see their team doing their thing while waiting for the party to start. Shots here and there, here and there. I suddenly remembered my wedding day, for then, like Migo's birthday, was the event I had to constanly flash a smile for photographers shoot in almost angle and every move without my knowledge. Anyways, I particularly like the way Carmela captured Elmer's, little Migo's and my emotions and that of my guests, specially the kids.


Divisoria, Landmark and Scents Symphony

Our lootbag had three kinds of tokens inside: kiddie stuff- pencils, mini puzzles, mini notedpads, stickers and bubbles all from the land of Divi. Bath stuff- face towel (Divi again) and baby cologne (Scents Symphony). Food stuff- candies and knick knacks (Landmark). I chose these tokens because I believe these are not the ones children will throw the day after the party.

Courtesy of my brother Makoy

When we attended a birthday party months ago, there was a photobooth. Elmer liked the idea of getting one for Migo's party but heck, the rental was way beyond the budget. Photobooths became staples of parties for like two years now and it was only recently that I learned that the rate goes as high as 12k!! Since we desperately wanted to have photos as one of the tokens for our guests, we provided our own photobooth ala red carpet style. We had a tarpaulin printed as backdrop, with Migo turns One and Mickey Mouse scattered all over it. We placed it just right at the entrance, so the guests, after registering their names, would step into the red carpet and had their photos taken. My techie brother Makoy was incharge of this. He printed the photos within the Mickey Mouse template, thanks to the digicam, laptop and CIS printer. We only spent less than a thousand for the tarp and around 200.00 for the 4R photo paper, yet the outcome was soooooo nice that it looked like it was a product of a real photobooth.

Goldilocks / Brownies Unlimited - SM Fairview

Honestly, if blowing of the candle is not at all part of the program, I would not bother getting a cake. In my tons of experience in attending kiddie parties, cakes were usually the cutest thing you can see on stage, yet surprisingly least "touched". Cakes these days are uber cute that no one dare to slice it and serve it to the salivating guests. Program ends, guests say farewell, and the cake was still there beautifully placed on the now empty stage. Poor cake. So, going back to my experience, since I do not want to waste more money, we decided to go the most practical way. But wait, prior to this, I should say that we sort of also considered getting a fancy cake,thanks to this supplier who happily presented us his cake creations that, yes I concede, really pretty!! As I saw his works, I considered getting him already. But when he gave me his rate, oh my, goodbye! So I went back to my conviction of being practical on the cake part. Plus, since the cake is being sponsored by his ninong Eric, I do not want him to spend much on it kasi nakakahiya naman. So thanks to his tito Edmund, who helped ninong Eric "process" the cake department, we decided to get Goldilocks for the cake and Brownies Unlimited for the cupcakes that the guests can also bring home as well. His tito Edmund also had a cupcake tower custom-made just for this occassion. And the cake + cupcake, aside from bringing additional color to the stage, tasted yummy too!!


Name tags, party hats, and bubbles were given away to kids as they enter the venue. Name tags are a must since the host will approach them by their names. Party hats were not that mabenta to my kiddie guests since maybe because it was quite hot that afternoon and wearing it will make them feel hotter (but it became breezy and cool later on). I thought of giving bubbles, aside from the ones in the lootbag, so kids have something to do or play while waiting for the program to start. Plus, because of the bubbles, kids who initially did not know each other, played with one another and got to know each other's names. They were so nice to look at! And the venue was full of bubbles, really setting the mood for a party, even before it actaully started.


We bought the little man's attire first. We went one weekend to SM Megamall and scouted for his outfit. We wanted a polo as the "official" attire, and a collared shirt as pampalit when he gets sweaty. It was not at all easy looking for one! Though there are lots of nice ones out there, it did not pass our taste just yet. He already wore red on his baptism so we thought of getting green this time. Garfield had the most appealing green checkered polo so we bought that. We went to Gap Kids for his collared shirt and luckily there was one green-blue stripped colared shirt that really looked good on him. When we arrived home, I remembered that he still has a Guess shirt, green also, that he still has not worn. He received that as a baptismal gift from Tito Ome of Gensan. It was so big for him then, and when I checked it on him, tamang tama na! So since this one is pure green matches the official attire, I decided to have it instead of the Gap shirt.

Three days before the event, it was my turn to buy my green dress. Elmer and I decided to just follow the color of Migo instead of wearing the same checkered material. Heck, it was so hard to look for a decent green dress! I spent a whole four hours searching for a green dress, or blouse, to no avail. Then I gave up and just settled for a neutral color. Buti nalang on my last boutique stop, which was Petit Monde, may nice gray dress. I fell inlove wit it and it fitted me well too.

Two days before the event, it was Elmer's turn to buy his attire. Since I will be wearing gray, he should wear the same color too!! At first he insisted on wearing green but of course kumontra ako since I will be left behind!! So I enlightened him and told him that since it is Migo's day, sya nalang magsuot ng special color and the two of us wear neutral so as not to steal the spotlight from him. Buti nalang pumayag, hehe. We bought his gray polo from Gap. Downside: his sweat was so visible on that polo.

So there, I guess these are all complete.

But hey, let me say thanks to those who helped and sponsored some for this party:

Makoy - photobooth ala red carpet style
Kuya Eric - Cake + Cupcake
Cris - Registry
Kuya Edmund - Mickey Mouse Mascot
Mamu - Makajos Ice cream on wheels ala dirty ice cream
Kuya Edwin - Lechon
Brian and Donna - my assistants for the day
Bluekaren of Girltalk - for the input, opinion, enlightenment
TheConceptQueen (Madel deLeon) - for the last minute help/coordination thru text. I really super thank her
...and all the moms of Girltalk and Smartparenting, thanks thanks thanks!

There, I hope I did not forget anything.



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