Monday, July 5, 2010

Singapore Experience -- Day One


It's July already, where did the first half of the year go?!

Well, at least going to Singapore neutralized my sentiment. Flashback: Honey so wanted to go out of the country to run away from the stress and pressure from work, yet the mother in me was so reluctant to go. Just how could I, when just going to work makes me miss the little man so much, what more be away with him for like, what, four days? But due to the enlightenment of my aunt, who said that my big man needs me too, I closed my eyes and made the decision. Yep, I agreed to go to Singapore at the last minute.

July 04, 2010-- We were scheduled to fly via JetStar at 4-ish in the morning, re-timed at 6-ish, and again re-timed at 12-ish noon. Twice rescheduled, that was a spoiler! Hubby already arranged the itinerary and the delayed flight meant bye-bye to the supposedly tour for that day.

Smog delayed the flight.

Changi Airport.
Me feeling excited already to head to the city of Singapore.

Since it was already around 5pm when we arrived, we were left with no choice but to tour the city at night. After checking in to our humble hotel (Value Hotel Balestier), we headed straight to Orchard via bus no. 124. It was just ten to fifteen minutes away from Balesteir Road. It was fun strolling along Orchard at night, seeing all flashy and colorful lights. Names of famous designer brands ganged-up this road--Gucci, Dior, Vuitton, Prada, and a lot more that made my eyes twinkle in delight. This is just one of the many faces of Orchard at night:

At around 8pm, we headed to Food Republic to have our first Singapore dinner.
Chicken rice, as we all know, is the popular one in Singapore. So on our first night, we ordered this dish. This particular white chicken (chicken rice/hainanese chicken rice) tasted so-so and comparable to the ones I tasted in Manila which made me kinda disappointed for I was expecting something like this-is-the-best-chicken-rice-ever reaction. Nevertheless, it still satisfied my hunger.

Sergeant's Hainanese Chicken Rice

Food Republic in Wasma Atria

After the dinner, we again strolled the main and corner roads of Orchard. Last stop for the first day was Hard Rock Cafe. Hubby's trips on foreign lands will never be complete without a visit to Hard Rock Cafe which he makes richer everytime he buys a cap to add to his growing Hard Rock cap collection.

We ended the day a bit late, I guess that was 1 am already the following day. Yet the primer of the Singapore experience was fun, fun, fun!! Cannot wait for the next day ;)


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