Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Singapore Experience -- Day Two


July 05, 2010 -- First activity for the day turned out to be a booboo. We were trying our best do what Singaporeans do, eat what Singaporeans eat. So for breakfast, we had noodles or pancit for that was what we noticed people were eating. We found this market/eatery area that was just walking distance from Balestier. Armed with anticipation of a new experience, we ordered noodles (pancit) for breakfast. My, the cook was so slow!! Plus the food was served after a long 35 minutes, for there were customers ahead of us that they had to cater first (we did not know that and they did not even inform us). When the food arrived, we were not excited to taste it anymore. "Nalipasan na ako ng gutom" were the exact words of hubby. To make it worse, the food turned out to be not that delicious as it looked. We forcely finished what we ordered for that was the only choice we had.

Second day was the Sentosa day. I have been hearing about Sentosa, all of them saying "kulang ang isang buong araw sa Sentosa pa lang". That was true, indeed. Despite the limited time, I believe we made the most out of it.

There is a train station in Vivo City that directs to Sentosa.

First activity we had inside Sentosa was the Skyride. Sentosa skyride is one of the many activities to enjoy in Sentosa's Imbiah Lookout. This ride is supposedly paired with Luge Ride, but we were just half-adventurous that time and just settled for the skyride. We availed of the two-way (back and forth) that costed us S$12.00 per person. Sentosa Skyride is an aerial ride that took us above the tree tops. View from above was spectacular! It was so relaxing for me, but upon checking out on hubby, I found him stiff and almost not enjoying himself. I bet he was scared of the terrible yet perfect heights the skyride took us.

Trip to Singapore is never complete without paying a visit to the Merlion--Singapore's famous icon that is half-lion half-fish. There is one Merlion in Imbiah Lookout and one can enjoy tons of activities and attractions from where it is situated. However, since we had limited time, we just satisfied ourselves by taking pictures of this 37-meter tall icon.

Next Sentosa stop: Universal Studios in Sentosa's Resort World. We missed the opportunity to go inside this new theme park for there were no tickets available anymore. Despite that, we enjoyed the view outside and took a lot of pictures of their ever famous revolving Universal globe. We also visited their souvenir shop located outside for some tokens. Items sold were limited for there is also one souvenir shope inside that carries the complete line of Universal Studios stuff.

Not to miss inside the Sentosa park is the famous Underwater World. It was a such a wonderful feeling seeing lots and lots of sea creatures in all shapes, colors and sizes. I enjoyed every corner of Underwater World, and I promised myself that when the little man is big enough to appreciate this, we will go back and bring him there for a wonderful experience.

We also watched the Dolphin show. It was again a new experience for me, despite the fact that there are also dolphin shows in the Philippines. The place was full and I could see from where I was seated that they closed the gates and just-five-minute-late-visitors were not allowed to enter anymore. The dolphins were great! It just disappointed me because the show lasted for more or less twenty minutes *Bitin!* I also regreted not bringing a fan for the place was so hot and I felt uncomfortable the whole time because of the heat.

After the show, we went again inside the Underwater World and there spent another half an hour of picture taking and interaction with sea creatures. We then went back to Vivo City and gave ourselves another round of mall stroll. We ended the day by having dinner at Boat Quay.
There are many alfresco restaurants and pubs along this stretch and this place is also quite popular among tourists and expats. It has a nice scenery day and night, but I stongly agree when they say that it's much better to dine there at night having the Singapore river and the lights of Singapore's skycrapers in the background. How romantic could that be?

Photos from Google Images

Two days down. I'm looking forward to the next day.


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