Monday, August 23, 2010

Who is Rolando Mendoza?


August 23, 2010 -- Just as when the country is doing good due to the success of the elections and, so far, the satisfaction of the Philippine people with the governance of the new President, and with all the good news about the country's representative gaining popularity and positioning herself as one of the top favorites in the much coveted Miss Universe crown, the country's reputation is once again challenged.

Today has been a very bad, sad and disappointing day. Since 11:00 in the morning, news from all the local channels, that later on spilled to international news, as well as local AM and FM stations covered the hostage-taking in the busy road of Manila of a tourist bus carrying Chinese nationals visiting the country. The hostage-taking lasted for almost twelve hours, leaving several hostages injured and worst, dead. Later on, troop of policemen aggressively attacked the hostage-taker that made way to his death. The hostage-taker, identified as Senior Inspector Rolando Del Rosario Mendoza, was dismissed by the Ombudsman early this year, denied of his benefits, and was not allowed to hold any government post. The reason: he and company allegedly abused and extorted a Mandarin Hotel chef who they charged for illegal parking, driving without license and using illegal drugs. It was also reported that the chef was forced by Medoza and company to swallow a sachet of shabu, plus extorting php20,000.

Other details about Rolando del Rosario Mendoza:
- He was one of the Jaycees International’s Ten Outstanding Policemen of the Philippines or TOPP in 1986
-He has 17 awards and commendations from the Philippine National Police
-He is a native of Naic, Cavite
-He was born on January 10, 1955
-Has a wife named Aurora and has three children
-He entered the PNP as a patrolman on 1981
-He became the Senior Police Officer 3 of the Manila Police District on 1991
-He became the Inspector in May 2002
-He was promoted to Senior Inspector in August 2002
-He allegedly charged the Mandarin Hotel chef on April 9, 2008
-April 25, 2008, administrative charges was filed against Mendoza
-The PNP Internal affairs suggested dismissal of the case as the chef was a no-show
-The Manila Prosecutors Office Eighth Division also dismissed the case due to, again, the complainant's no-show
-He was dismissed by the Ombudsman in January 2010.



  1. It was a sad story that no proper negotiations were made with him... he just wants his job back...

  2. I totally agree with you. maybe he really needed to air something and out of desperation, he resorted to something like this. maybe he's been dealing with the people concerned in the proper way, but God knows why he made a decision to make a much scandalous scene (all maybe's because these are just my speculations). the situation was calm earlier and that could have been the case with the presence of a great negotiator. sadly, it did not turn out that way. maybe he was not even expecting it, or planned it, to end this way.

  3. what a tragic story... with all those recognitions and awards, i could understand that he just wanted to clear his name but the outcome of his action is just not right.

    the relatives who came at the grandstand, the police, and the media played a role in this hostage situation which made it even worse. seeing what was happening made him more anxious and angrier thus leading him to kill the hostages. you dont provoke an unstable man, they should have calm him down. that might have resulted in a better ending.


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