Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Lasagna Roll

I was craving for lasagna so I decided to make one. Since my mother-in-law had THE BEST LASAGNA ever, and afraid that my hubby will compare mommy's version and mine, I decided to give it a twist by rolling the lasagna noodles instead of layering it so to divert his attention to the lasagna's new look instead of the taste. Turned out that he enjoyed my version too along with the new look of his lasagna.



  1. I like!

    What did you use with the cheese (for topping the pasta)? Chopped basil?

  2. you guessed it right!! chopped basil + very, very fine rosemary. these two herbs make italian dishes taste authentic (based on my taste buds, hehe..) also, if i want my red pasta sauce to taste italian, instead of sauteeing the garlic, i put it when it's time to simmer the sauce. i also put green bell peppers. maybe i shoul also post my recipe... hmmm?

  3. Looks yummy! Reminds me of canneloni =)

  4. cannelloni actually was my inspiration. it's just that cannelloni is not always present in the grocery's shelf, unlike lasagna wherein both the curled and the straight "versions" are always available. :)


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