Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everything at steak!


Last Friday-holiday, honey and I visited a friend we have not seen for a long time. We had a falling-out due to location constraints. We terribly missed our friend and we looked forward to the day we would meet again. And so last Friday, when we found ourselves in San Juan, we headed to that corner of the road where the friendship all started. We visited our friend, revived the moments, and every second of that limited time felt sooooo good! And when it was time to say goodbye again, I wondered, when would be the next?

Everything at Steak. The moment we tasted its steak, we considered it our friend. We had the first taste of their offering in San Juan, and we were informed that they had a branch in West Avenue which was just thirty minutes (even less without the traffic) away from our place. So from San Juan to West Ave., the friendship grew and grew. Then the bad news dawned on us when we learned that they closed the West Ave. branch. We wondered why, for it was always full and the branch had a huge following.

Their steaks are not like the ones being offered in high-end steak houses like Melo's, Tony Roma, or even TGIF wherein waiters ask how you want your steak. There are no medium rare, medium well, or well done going-on atop the flamed grill. No 3/4 inch and no grams to boast and talk about. One thing's for sure, though. Hiding from that plain-looking grilled meat is the best affordable steak in town. One order can stuff the tummy, along with the rice and the side dish(es) that come with it. The place in San Juan (which now looks so bright with a cozy feel because of the new interior) can accommodate around twenty five to thirty hungry ones. But those who are regulars here know what to do if the place is full: wait until someone bills out. Since people come here to satisfy their steak cravings and nothing else, once they are done with their meal, they immediately leave. Eat and run, as they say. That being the case, getting a table is not that a long wait.

Everything at Steak is located at 5 P. Guevara St. cor. V. Cruz St. San Juan, Metro Manila. I am not aware of their other branches, but you may call them at 726-2386 to ask if there's a branch near your place.


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