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Fresh out from highschool and still naïve on what commuting is all about, I spent my first steps towards college life with my mom discreetly on my side. She was with me when I took my entrance exams, when I enrolled to the university, on my first day in college, and few weeks more after. Thanks to my friends who inspired me to fully grasp that portion of college life, I told my mom that I was ready to take the route home all by myself. The truth was, I was really not alone, for I was with my friends who served as bore-busters while on my way home. Since my dad drove for me from gradeschool to highschool, I found commuting really interesting. What made my adventure more special were the Goldilocks goodies bought in front of our university. We happily shared fluffy mamon, tasty polvoron, caramel popcorn and even took turns in sipping the sago gulaman with jokes, laughter, and stories in between. We were students with limited allowance and we made most out of our extras by sharing the Goldilocks goodies we had.

It was second semester when Elmer, one of my friends, FINALLY spoke up and expressed his intentions. Yes!! That was the reaction that I almost blurted out, but I instantly kept my composure and kept it to myself. The truth: I had a huge crush on him too! Who would not? He was tall, smart, and lastly, a good-looking guy. He captured my heart the first time he talked to me in class, and luckily he belonged to my circle of friends. I got used to having him around, but to be wooed by him, which made us separate from the group, was a different thing. A different yet super-kilig thing for me. Our group would have lunch in Goldilocks but the two of us were on a different table. Needless to say, as part of the ligawan thing, he became my companion going home, still with the caramel popcorn and the fluffy mamon that I also willingly shared to him.

Not long after, he heard my answer. Since then, we were inseparable. We were classmates from first to fourth year college. He was one of the many reasons I had a colorful college life. Eight more years after graduation, we finally said both our “I do’s” in front of the altar. Having him as a boyfriend for twelve long years, I thought I already saw, experience, and got the best of him. Boy, I was totally wrong! To say how great he was as a husband was beyond words. I was one lucky person to have a husband like him.

May 10, 2009, that day marked the fulfillment of my dream. We were blessed with a baby! I never dreamt of something really big in my life, for I believe riches deplete and careers take a downfall, but what I prayed for was definitely huge—to be a mother. “Mothers are God’s helpers in creating better people”, so they say. And I so wanted to take that part. So when I learned that there was a life inside me, I was more than delighted. First trimester was all about morning sickness, mood swings, and cravings. My sweet cravings could only be pacified in the form of Goldilocks sago gulaman. Yes, just like in college, this tamed my sweet cravings until I gave birth. The crushed ice, the firm sago, and the sweet syrup—still very much like in college, and still very much enjoyed by me. And oh, this I should say—after I gave birth, this little creature named Miguel Inigo competed to the attention I gave to the sweet Goldilocks drink. And Goldilocks sago gulaman had to concede, Miguel Inigo, or fondly called Migo, won my heart, wore the crown, and claimed the throne.

Migo turned one this year. I could vividly remember how the mother in me was more than excited to take charge of everything. Since I had no yaya, I was on mommy mode in daytime, and hurriedly shifted to events planner at night. From the balloons down to what the three of us wore during the party, I was in total control. My siblings and in-laws were as excited as I was and they willingly sponsored and helped make the party a success and it made the planning more enjoyable. When I was asked to decide on the cake, which had some sort of a competition between one who looked really fashionable if it was a dress and the Goldilocks cake, no doubt I chose Goldilocks. It was obvious enough that all through the significant changes in my life Goldilocks was with me. And the first birthday party of our son that marked our one year full of tiny laughs, tight embrace, and cute kisses from the adorable one, Goldilocks had to be there. The cake tasted and looked great, especially with the Mickey Mouse topper who the little man plays up to this day.

My life, like everybody else’s, faced different changes. It took turns, it shifted gears, it went up and fell, it cried and smile, it failed and won. Change, no matter how big or small, is part of me, part of us. But no matter how many changes my life has to endure, my core, my substance, and my values remain. And I believe that is the most important.




  1. imee nacario-timbangSeptember 9, 2010 at 1:24 AM

    kasingsarap ng classic polvoron ang love story mo,irene!

  2. Awwww!

    Hey, good luck on the contest ! :D I'm from GTalk too! ;)

  3. Visiting you from GT! *sigh* what a nice story :)


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