Thursday, September 2, 2010

The writer in me


I thought, since I was spending a lot of time typing, browsing, researching, reading, and writing in the internet, why not profit from it, right? Since I have grown to love writing and my passion for it never stopped growing up to this day, I guessed writing for some bucks ain't that bad at all. So I signed-up at and got noticed by employers in time.

Freelance Jobs

Thanks to this blog which sometimes I submitted as my sample writing, employers gave me the chance to write for them. I had tasks as a ghost blogger, an article writer, and a reviews writer. Fortunately, my employers were not hard to deal with, gave clear instructions and gave me topics to write within the bounds of my interests. And it was a nice feeling knowing that they loved my work too, that instead of just transferring the payment to my account and bye-bye they go, they emailed me to inform that they were pleased with my work. That made my heart smile. All the unglamorous effects of writing and finishing articles on my spare time (lunch break) and wee hours (I worked after I finished all my mommy and wifey duties which was from 10:00pm to 2:00am then wake up at 6:00am, but that did not make me a sleepyhead on my daytime job) were evident on my drooping eyebags, terrible back pain, annoying breakouts, much needed mani and pedi, and long overdue hair color and treatment, but I almost did not care because it eventually paid-off, thank you very much to the heartwarming compliments from my employers.

I am crossing my fingers that this job-on-the-side of mine will be on a regular basis. I hope! I really hope! For the meantime, I am taking a one week "leave" and will beautify myself before my husband takes a close look at me, discovers the unglamorous side of me (not yet close to being a losyang, that's for sure!!), and wonders if I am the same woman he married few years back. This I have to deal with first. :)

Freelance Jobs


  1. i like your blog layout! this is a nice idea. i love writing too. maybe i should register as well. =)

  2. wow, sis, despite your busy sched (being a mom), you're still able to do what you like and earn from it. I want a job like that too :) Enjoy your one week of "me" time. I'm sure your hubby won't notice the "losyang" side of you, if there really is.

  3. Hi. I was just browsing at and I'm having reservations about it. Since I've read your blog I guess it's a legit business.I'm new to blogging so I may need more time to able to do what you do. Nice post by the way.

  4. is formerly, a legit job board site.

    Those feedback are great! Congrats!

    I've been thinking about dropping my virtual assistance work and start wearing a writer's hat to earn a living. But writing is sometimes too taxing for me especially when I'm not in the mood.

  5. Hi, I'm looking for article writers. If you're available and willing to work for $0.01 per word please sign up here. Thanks!


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