Monday, October 18, 2010

And They Should Be Called Mommy Bags


When I was still pregnant, I was so excited shopping for different baby thingies as well as new-mom stuff for myself.  One of the many mommy stuff that really drove me wild was diaper bag.  Diaper bag, to my darlings who do not have any idea what that is, is a bag specially designed for all the baby stuff a mom might be needing in case she and the baby go mobile.  Diaper bags have around six to ten pockets or compartments that are all ready for stuffing feeding bottles, milk containers, diapers, changing mat, wet wipes, dry tissues, alcohol, baby bibs, face towels, and a lot more.  Nope, I am not talking about the baby cabinet, but it comes close to that when it comes to functionality.  Only, this one takes a form of a bag.

I actually have two diaper bags.  As mentioned, I loved looking at diaper bags in all the stores that had them, it may be an actual store or an online store.  But truth of the matter is, even if I fancied over their dainty designs, I did not buy a piece for I was certain that I would be receiving one as a gift.  I was correct, and twice correct at that.  I received both as a baptismal gift courtesy of my little man's ninong Anchi and our neighbor Lola D.  I was really excited to use them and they became my badge as a mommy.  I proudly carried it with me, along with my baby in the stroller.

And who would not be proud to display diaper bags?  Aside from the fact that it loudly announces to everybody that I am a proud mommy the reason why I have one tucked in my elbow, diaper bags these days are not that--for the lack of proper word-- baduy as it once used to be.  I remember my mom telling me "ay, andyan pa pala sa bodega yung diaper bag na ginamit nyo noon at sigurado ako pwede mo pa gamitin yun kasi matibay yun at buhay pa, kailangan lang ng laba".  Goodness, when I was able to find the diaper bag that my mom advertised for free, heck,  no way I am going to use that!  Yep, it's matibay for sure, because it still is so much kickin' up to this day and just ten days of non-stop laundry will make it look brand new.  But THE PRINT!!  Oh yeah, the prints!! Animal prints, with alphabet and numbers and all that colorful stuff that dominate the entire bag.  Colors from neutral to pastels to loud ones.  Thanks mom, that was a good one, but no thanks.

Let me stress this out--- diaper bags are for MOMS, not for babies.   Fortunately, mommies of our generation need not to suffer from diaper bags from dinosaur era that had zero fashionlife.  These days, pregnant moms, new moms, and wanting to be moms can drool with dainty, fashionable, and really pretty diaper bags, that often times because of its hip and updated look, do not even look like diaper bags at all!  I should now, I once drooled over these bags, too!

Note:  Photos not my own.  They are courtesy of Google Images.  Thank you.

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  1. A "mommy" bag is one that I didn't bother to buy :) Pero ang cool ng "mommy" bag pics in your post. It doesn't look like the usual baby bags I see around. I'm planning to use an old spacious bag I already have. I'm just going to put an organizer inside :)

  2. I'm on the look out for a "mommy" bag too. But they're so damn expensive, I wanted a Baby Couture diaper bag.

    I might do the same thing as hangingbridge, I'll just buy this bag organizer specifically to converts an ordinary bag into a "mommy bag".


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